(UPDATE: Bathroom Bill DEAD!) Transphobic Bathroom Cop surfaces, this time in Florida

Frank ArtilesLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Update April 28, 2015: Florida’s Bathroom Bill is dead: https://lexiecannes.com/2015/04/22/nevada-bathroom-bill-fails-california-style-anti-trans-ballot-petition-possible/

Original article Feb. 8, 2015: Concerned about transgender people committing, among other things, “assault, battery, molestation, rape, voyeurism, and exhibitionism,” a Republican in Florida has introduced a bill that permits the jailing of trans people for using the “wrong” bathroom. Rep. Frank Artiles submitted the bill in Florida House of Representatives under the disguise of having “privacy and safety” concerns.

Opposition to the bill has been broad in the Florida media and among trans and civil rights advocates.

Gina Duncan of Equality Florida in the Tampa Bay News: “This absurd legislation targets the transgender community and seeks to dehumanize us by preventing access to facilities in public spaces.”

Daniel Tilley of Florida’s ACLU: “This ‘show your papers to pee’ bill denigrates both transgender and non-transgender people alike. In addition to dehumanizing transgender people in particular, it invites humiliation and harassment of anyone who is not considered sufficiently feminine or masculine in the eyes of the beholder. . . .”


We’ve see this type of fear mongering a number of times now and can be easily be summed up in three words: paranoia, transphobia and hatred — all three fit Rep. Artiles.

Recent “Bathroom Bill” in Kentucky: https://lexiecannes.com/2015/01/17/another-bathroom-cop-surfaces-this-time-with-a-perverse-twist/

Utah: https://lexiecannes.com/2014/02/01/bathroom-cop-bill-surfaces-in-utah-house/ 

Florida: http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2015/02/07/us-florida-bill-would-make-it-illegal-for-transgender-people-to-use-public-toilets/


Frank Artiles

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13 replies

  1. These phobic people are so disgusting and very often the same hypocrites getting caught in hotel rooms with under age prostitutes. Just let us all live our lives in peace with dignity

  2. These phobic people are so disgusting and very often the same hypocrites getting caught in hotel rooms with under age prostitutes. Just let us all live our lives in peace with dignity!

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  3. Piss on ’em!

  4. People like Frank Artiles seem to me to either be political stooges for the extreme right wing or for the ultra-rich. They never seem to have the general population’s interests in mind, only to make life harder for the majority of the people they represent. Now here is a bill that might pass in the state legislature and would be signed by the Governor into law. What does it do? It criminalizes a bodily function. If the transgender community is not paranoid enough, now we have to worry about other people peeking into the stall while we’re peeing to make sure we’re doing it right. Enough is enough! What’s next, closed circuit cameras, guards at the doors, signs that say “straight” and “transgender”? We’ve had enough discrimination, now is the time for it to end.

  5. The way I see it – Frank Artiles is the pervert! He is the one writing legislation to force trans-women to pee in the same bathroom as HE does. Who’s he voyeur? #hiddenagenda

  6. There’s has been very little coverage of this in SOUTH Florida (other than my radio show). Can’t complaint about the level of concern by the transgender community here in SOUTH Florida, because there isn’t any.


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  2. New bill: Deputized Texas ‘bathroom cops’ risk felony if they allow trans to use bathroom | LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS

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