Arizona trans woman Monica Jones’ conviction vacated, may get new trial

Monica jones 2LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Finding that trans woman Monica Jones was denied a fair trial, Arizona Superior Court Judge Crane McClennen vacated a 2014 conviction by a lower court.

The Jones’ case united the trans community who believed she suffered a miscarriage of justice when she was subject to police anti-trans profiling and later found guilty of “intent to commit prostitution.” Advocates argued a Phoenix law unfairly targeted trans women, especially trans women of color. Advocates also approached Attorney General Eric Holder about the profiling matter.

McClennen sent the case back to lower court. A retrial is possible.

Jones told Buzzfeed News: “This law needs to be thrown out because it unfairly targets women, transgender women, and people of color living in poverty. . . .  police wouldn’t do that to a man standing on the corner talking to a passerby.”

Jones’ Attorney Jean-Jacques “J” Cabou in Buzzfeed: “It was an unconstitutional trial of an unconstitutional statute for a crime she didn’t commit.” 


As research statistics show, trans women of color find themselves at a significant disadvantage in our society. It is unfair to set legal traps to trip them up when it was society that put them at a disadvantage in the first place.

Research statistics:

Monica jones 2

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