Trans candidate insulted by opponent during state Democrat forum

patsy keever NC democratLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — A candidate for the North Carolina Democratic Party chair uttered “a man!” while her opponent, trans woman Janice Covington Allison, was addressing the candidate forum audience. It was former NC state House Rep. Patsy Keever who uttered the insult.

Allison, active in NC politics, is known to many in the trans community for being chosen as a delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

According to QNotes, Allison was telling the audience the many ways she attempted to run as a state delegate for the DNC in 2012 when she was interrupted by Keever.

Allison: “I ran as a senior citizen . . .  I ran as a disabled vet . . .  I ran as a woman . . .  I ran as LGBT . . .  And what did I leave out? There’s one more.”

Keever (heard in the background and captured on audiotape): “A man.”

Allison (amid background laughter): “Huh? A what?! There ain’t no man left in here, honey.”

Allison was upset by the comments and later told QNotes: “I would compare it to someone using a bigoted slur against me. I am a proud transgender woman and for me to be violated in this way at a public forum by a leader of the party was completely out of line.”

Keever has apologized to Allison, however, Keever has disputed some of what actually transpired. Allison says that Keever owes the trans community an apology as well.


While I’m sure it has happened before, this is the first time I know of a Democrat politician who has publicly insulted a trans person. IMO this major political blunder for a Democrat, especially one that supposedly has many LGBT supporters.

I wrote earlier about Janice Covington Allison and the DNC 2012:

patsy keever NC democrat

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6 replies

  1. i have so many hopes for my 12 year old transgender daughter’s future…that this sort of bigotry become extinct is foremost among them…thanks for letting us know this happened…think this democrat needs to hear from constituents

  2. Clearly. Keever is loosing ground to Allison. That’s why she decided to publicly insult Allison. I hope Keever enjoyed the taste of her foot in her mouth. What she needs now is a foot up her ass.

  3. I too have hopes that things like this become an unwanted part of our history, like slavery and racial discrimination. However that will never happen as long as people like Patsy Keever continue to think of us as nothing more that cartoon characters. For the transgender community to advance we, all of us, must present ourselves as people who are the same as everyone else. But on the other hand we must also present to the world that we are a force not to be ignored. Verbal insults and psychical assaults can not and must not be ignored, ever. Patsy Keever has to be held accountable for her actions by the Democratic Party, and reprimanded accordingly.

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone!

  5. Just absolutely disrespectful! Allison handled it with grace and dignity amid the public humiliation, that in my opinion speaks volumes about her character.

  6. I voted for Patsy Keever multiple times over the past 15 years — for U.S. House (she ran twice unsuccessfully), N.C. House and Buncombe County Board of Commissioners — because she supported issues, including LGBT ones, about which I deeply cared. I’m very much surprised, and very much disappointed, that she would make such remarks.

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