(UPDATED — Jenner comes out) Bruce Jenner trans? Don’t know, don’t care, but tabloids’ exploitation should cease

BRUCE JENNERLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — UPDATED April 24, 2015 — Bruce Jenner comes out as transgender. On a pre-recorded interview that aired earlier tonight on ABC, Jenner says “for all intents an purposes, I am a woman.”

Jenner once considered suicide at a low point, but now hopes to save lives by coming out in this fashion.

Jenner is undecided on SRS, has not chosen another name and is okay with the usage of either pronoun (him or her).

Source: Associated Press.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE Jan. 18, 2015: By taking cash to appear regularly on a reality TV-series, one opens the door to all kinds of public ridicule. A person relinquish any right to privacy the moment they step in front of the camera. The details of your life, no matter how private, is fair game for the media, particularly the tabloids.

Indeed, it’s the tabloids who ignites reality show audiences who in turn drive the popularity of the series providing the stars with a nice flow of income. In this case, it’s Bruce Jenner, a person who has willingly appeared on at least 111 episodes of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” — a real-life show, of which he is the real-life dad of some of the stars.

For, it seems like a year now, tabloids have focused on Jenner’s trans status. Jenner has denied anything is going on, but the tabloids are having a heyday gossiping about it.

Is he trans? I don’t know, I don’t care, and it’s nobody’s business. But Jenner stepped into the bull-eye all by himself so I could hardly be bothered to defend him. But there comes a time when the coverage of Jenner crosses from gossip and becomes pure transgender exploitation.

On the front page under the headline “My Life as a Woman,” a recent issue of InTouch Weekly displayed a large photoshopped picture with Jenner’s face pasted over that of a woman. This photo got the attention of many outside of the tabloidsphere. The photo has been compared to ‘trans blackface’ and has drawn the scorn of trans and LGBT advocates.

Have we let tabloids get away with, as one advocate, Kate Bornstein, said, ‘the bullying of Bruce Jenner?’  Perhaps it is time to insist tabloids to dial it back, as others have suggested, even if it means defending those who willingly put themselves dead center in the tabloid cross hairs. After all, when Jenner gets ridiculed, we get ridiculed, too.

More [Warning, this link loads your browser up with junk advertising!]: http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2015/01/15/bruce-jenner-cover-photoshop-transphobia-on-display/21810895/


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12 replies

  1. I have to agree with you Lexie. But this is just what tabloids do, not just to trans people but to anyone and everyone. So I can’t get overly worked up about it. Im having trouble working up much sympathy for this person. It feels more like a way of ridiculing Jenner not trans people in general. They have done far worse to the Kardashians who seem to revel in the attention.

    • I see what you mean, but people are going to start seeing him as representative of trans people. Also we need to make the general point that we are not some sort of freak show. I can think of few other such personal life changes that would be treated in such a salacious manner

  2. You’re such a good writer Lexie!

  3. Thanks for the comments everyone!

  4. The Kardashian Empire is all about keeping their name in the public spotlight. It would not surprise me to find that they sanctioned the story and are relishing the uproar.

    • You may be right. But it’s his life, he has the right to do as he wishes. But being an optimist I hope most people don’t consider tabloids to be sources of unbiased or even truthful news reporting.

  5. I agree. It’s a non-story. But it sells magazines and advertising in those magazines because it’s presented salaciously and people with drab lives love this stuff. (personal note: their lives probably wouldn’t be drab if they stopped reading crap like this or watching it on Fox and got up off their fat rear ends to do something for their communities) I feel kind of sorry for Bruce. If he’s actually in the process of transitioning, he could very well crack under the strain of being a very public figure experiencing hatred and cruelty from bigots who have no idea what transgender means. (I hope he has Lana Wachowski’s phone number!) If he’s not, then this is truly the most inane “controversy” I’ve ever encountered.

    Either way, I would suggest that we leave him alone to determine his own destiny but the tabloids will never do that, of course.

  6. Has a name just not sharing it publicly right now. Wanted male pronouns used in the show and the immediate future.


  1. Caitlyn Jenner takes trans community to the top of pop culture | LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS

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