Christian writer says we’re members of the “sexual anarchy movement” with a “tyrannical agenda”

gina millerLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — We are? I suppose she’s entitled to her opinion and on the off chance that perhaps she had a valid point or two, I started reading her article.

Step aside, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, there’s a new gunslinger in town. Gina Miller, a conservative Christian political writer, is the newer definition of bat-sh*t crazy!

From a discussion standpoint, the first two paragraphs alone have so many argument fallacies that I just stopped keeping track. Miller’s statements are those of the kind made in the “comments section” of mainstream media — where the “Jerry Springer Show” lives.

Most of us in the intellectual section of our society don’t dwell there, but many who do, also vote. Hence the need to not entirely ignore what Miller and others of her ilk are doing. Continuing to educate our community at large is one of our best means to keep the Jerry Springer crowd contained.

The first two paragraphs from Miller article in Barbwire [TRIGGER WARNING]:

“On Sunday, December 28th, a mentally ill Ohio teenager committed suicide by stepping in front of a semi-trailer on an interstate, selfishly forcing the driver to run him down. The driver, who was minding his own business, will now have to live with this horror the rest of his life. How do I know the kid was mentally ill? I know, because 17-year-old Joshua [Leelah] Alcorn believed he was a girl trapped in a boy’s body and had apparently labored under this tragic “transgender” delusion since he was a little boy. In his suicide note, he blamed his Christian parents for not supporting and encouraging him in his fantasy. Instead, they did the best they knew how in getting him psychiatric help and telling him the truth that he could never be a girl.

Naturally, the radical homosexual activist community is seizing on this horrific suicide as an excuse to falsely blame the young man’s death on the Christian beliefs of his parents. This is to be expected today in our truly insane society, in which all manner of deception and lies are embraced by a fringe minority and spread far and wide by a complicit, dark-minded media. Members of the sexual anarchy movement have in their cross-hairs anyone who publicly opposes their tyrannical agenda, and they will not hesitate to cravenly use an awful event like this kid’s suicide to further that agenda.”


gina miller

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9 replies

  1. I have to tell them the truth about their tyrannical agenda: they will never be God 😦
    Instead, I’ll do the best I can for them by getting them the psychiatric help they need for their delusion. Perhaps it will cure their radical need to have sex, even if it is just their fantasy.

  2. No response. This is not the god of my understanding.

  3. a tyrannical agenda ? – yea, we believe that LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL should actually mean ALL.

    • Yeah,

      The same people like her who were on a “tyrannical agenda”, of giving non conforming people they didn’t like reparative barbaric electric shock treatment and exorcisms in the name of God That of course never cured the person.

  4. Lexie, wow, what a war we’re in! And we didn’t even enlist. I read so much hate and ignorance and faux science in these url’s you supply. The comments make one ill.

    The point of my letter is personal. Don’t let these things make you ill. Thoughts and words of hate are dangerous and can cause illness and serious depression. protect yourself and get clean away from this stuff once in awhile. We need you. Love.

  5. Oh my, the crazy people are really sexually obsessed with transsexuals and transgender people, what a desecration of a person’s life by arm chair super genius, attacking poor Leelah.

    The sad fact is people actually believe they get a vote on the issue of transsexual and transgender, in fact you don’t.

    Transsexual is an internationally recognized condition which treatment usually ends in successful corrections of any gender ambiguity.

    Transgender is a socially recognized and accepted personality and life comfort issue, which allows individuals to express themselves by any level of gender expression. Gender expression is very important in all parts of our society, which also help in removing extreme levels of sexism for both men and woman.

    Homosexual is some times associated with both transsexual and transgender, but that is a social confusion, in that sexual orientation in individuals vary based on psychosocial development. And if you have a problem with homosexuals, well that is another problem of yours.

    The fact is we have in science shown individuals can actually have a brain of their opposite natal assignment, this phenomenon isn’t true for all with this condition, but certainly doesn’t invalidate individuals with developmental cause gender dysphoria, its not psychologically curable. Its a pretty psychotically detached psychology to attack individuals with an incurable condition.

    The lives of all variants are commonly beneficial to each individual whom reach their level of transition desired as with any normal person reaching a level of personal self expression.

    As far as sex regarding transsexual and transgenders, is conditional on personal preferences, and reaching the individual goal that satisfies that individual comfort both with sex, body imagine and sexual self-esteem.

  6. This bitch is typical of the brainwashed christians, who are led to believe this or that about people or human actions, that their pastor preaches on a daily basis to be considered as condemning sin.

  7. What agenda? I must have missed that memo 🙂

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