SF trans couple targeted by violent behaving man armed with steak knife

rae raucci samantha hulseyLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Alarmed that they were the target of violently behaving man who recently boarded the bus they were on in San Francisco, a transgender couple got off only to find the man chasing them down.

One of the women, Samantha Hulsey, was stabbed twice in the chest by the man. She was taken to a hospital where it was determined that internal injuries were minimal and she was released.  Her partner, Rae Raucci, was apparently uninjured in the incident which occurred on Saturday.

Hulsey was able to see the assailant in handcuffs prior to being loaded in an ambulance. Police have yet to release the name of the person in custody.

Raucci in the SF Chronicle: “He basically said we were offending him. Transgender people are a part of the society that some people don’t understand, and what they don’t understand, they fear. It serves to show that violence can show up anywhere.”


Violence against trans people can happen anywhere — even in a safe haven like San Francisco.


rae raucci samantha hulsey

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  1. San Fran is no safe haven. I lived there for a few years. The “normal” populace has “trans on the brain”. And it’s the place to go for the bigots to bash heads. If you want to be “read” all the time, even if you are NOT trans, go to the Castro. If you are a natal woman over 5’8″, prepare to be hassled. Watch your backs out there. They’re boiling the frog again.

  2. And yes, this is really a women’s issue. The gender police at the Michigan Women’s Music Festival and the malodorous TERF’s notwithstanding, it is and always was about women. It amazes me that so few see this. It relates to how ALL women are seen as objects, as sexual play-things only. Many natal women are harassed and subject to gender-questioning by males everywhere. Many natal women are subjected to violence or death. Is the frequency of trans-related violence perhaps lower among the F to M population? I don’t have facts and figures. I have LIVED a long time and have seen it again and again. Any clues here?

  3. When a guy sees another guy who might be trans, he may think, “I can understand why a lowly woman would wanna be a man.” Turn it around. That inflames them. Makes them run amok. Women are seen as inferior, submissive, there only to serve them.

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