Large media editorial board in Ohio take a transphobic turn

sharon broussard kevin obrien peter krouseLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — In order to derail a transgender public accommodation ordinance being considered by the city of Cleveland, Ohio, a newspaper board turned to transphobia as their weapon of choice.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer and Northeast Ohio Media Group (aka rallied their readers against trans rights with the same sort of hateful fear mongering normally found from the Christian right. While the latter are known to not let facts stand in their way, these editors have a bit of explaining to do.

From Media Matters:

Sharon Broussard: “I am not comfortable with a broad, gender-neutral bathroom ordinance that would make it easier for heterosexual men with criminal intent or just kinky habits to gain access to bathrooms used by women and children. And they are out there.”

Peter Krouse: “I don’t think opening up all bathrooms to both sexes is the answer. That would deny people, males and females, the privacy they deserve and possibly put them in uncomfortable or compromising situations. It could also create a fertile environment for predators to strike.”

Kevin O’Brien: “Just go by the external appearance of the plumbing the good Lord gave you and keep your “expressions” to yourself.”


My hat’s off to Media Matters for continuing to keep tabs all things transgender in the media.

My article from last year about the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s insulting coverage of trans people:

sharon broussard kevin obrien peter krouse

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LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS is associated with Wipe Out Transphobia:

Read Lexie Cannes in The Huffington Post:

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4 replies

  1. Wow, this is just completely transphobic bullshit! Sorry Sharon… if there were “heterosexual men with criminal intent or just kinky habits” really out there like you claim them to be, then what are laws to stop them from doing it in the first place?! All the states that passed bathroom bills to PROTECT transsexuals have reported no such problems. Where are they if they are out there like you claim?

    Peter Krouse, NOT allowing a bathroom protection bill to pass is “denying people,” trans men and trans women, “the privacy they deserve and possibly put them in uncomfortable or compromising situations.” What, are transsexuals no longer people with rights because they were born with nothing more than a birth defect? I am a trans woman born with the brain of a woman(just a birth defect due to the lack of androgens when my brain was developing), I am a woman… you force me to use the men’s bathroom, and you raise the risk of ME getting sexually abused and even possibly RAPED. You have no proof that “It could also create a fertile environment for predators to strike.”, and I have proof to the opposite REALLY BEING TRUE!

    Kevin O’Brien needs to keep his transphobia to himself too. Your “good Lord” gave me the brain of a woman and Gender Dysphoria that I am finally fixing. I am a woman, and by what you are saying then you are denying hermaphrodites to any bathroom because they have parts of both a man and woman. My “expression” is who I am, like anyone else. You are denying my civil rights to be safe in public settings.

    Sorry to rant here on your blog, haha. Those arguments denying personal safety because of fear mongering just drives me completely nuts!

  2. “Just go by the external appearance of the plumbing the good Lord gave you”

    Really? Who’s going to be stationed at the restroom door to do the panty peek? I KNOW you wouldn’t want the wrong plumbing in there using the plumbing.

    The idea that many have that it’s OK to discriminate against those they consider to be “wrong people” is both absurd and discriminatory.

  3. The people on this board don’t get it. Have you ever talked or interviewed a trans person? Afraid you might find we are kind loving people That want to live our lives the way we feel in the right clothing. I use the bathroom to do my thing wash my hands fix make up if needed and leave, like everyone else!

    Do you have any stories about a trans person sexually attacking some one in a bathroom?

    But there are trans persons being attacks or killed every day, not the other way around.

    If a pervert or sexual predictor is going to do some thing, they are going to do it no matter what clothing they have on.

    I don’t like being around cigarette smoke, but i don’t feel we should band smokers from the bathrooms!

    Stop the discrimination

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