(UPDATED) Transphobe elected to the Colorado state legislature

Gordon-Klingenschmitt-transphobicLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Updated March 31, 2015: Klingenschmitt’s behavior causes GOP leaders to strip him of Colorado state House committee positions. Talk of a recall surfaces. From the Denver Post:

“The leader of the House Republicans on Monday stripped Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt from one of his two committee posts, saying the lawmaker’s “curse of God” comments about a woman whose fetus was ripped from her womb were in “poor taste” and “insensitive.”

Minority Leader Brian DelGrosso said he removed Klingenschmitt from the Health, Insurance and Environment Committee because he believed “there needed to be some kind of disciplinary action. . . .

Fellow Republicans distanced themselves from his comments, and Democrat Gina Knaack, who lives in Klingenschmitt’s district, sought information from the secretary of state about how to do a recall, although she is unsure if she will proceed.”


(Original article – Nov. 7, 2014:) Never mind that Gordon Klingenschmitt once said a ‘transgender demon culture exists for the sole purpose of getting into women’s restrooms to rape our daughters,’ or that the Southern Poverty Law Center added Klingenschmitt’s group to their hate group list, or even the Colorado Republican Party publically distancing themselves from him when he won a primary election, the voters in Colorado still found it fit to elect him to the Colorado state House.

Following his election, ThinkProgress came up with some choice Klingenschmitt quotes for Colorado voters to ponder what they’ve gotten into. Here are a few:

“Sexual harrassment [sic] is banned in the military, unless you’re a homosexual abusing a Christian, then it’s openly encouraged.”

“Teen suicide is tragic enough without Senator Franken recruiting more kids into homosexuality, which causes depression, self-hatred, self-rejection and self-murder.”

“Is bestiality now a perceived sexual orientation? Well since it’s not defined in the ENDA bill, yes it is!”

 . . . if your heart is full of corruption or sin or immorality — in this case, homosexuality — then you should be discriminated against.”

“Child molesting is therefore a favorite “recruiting” tool of adult homosexuals. They violate children, and when the victim is later confused, they lie and say ‘you were born that way.’”


I’ve a hunch this is going to turn around and bite the citizens of Colorado. Stay tuned.

I previously wrote about the Southern Poverty Law Center’s adding Klingenschmitt to their hate group list:  https://lexiecannes.com/2014/03/19/trans-hate-organizations-added-to-southern-poverty-law-center-hate-group-list/

More from ThinkProgress: http://thinkprogress.org/lgbt/2014/11/06/3589464/gordon-klingenschmitt/

Update: http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_27816504/klingenschmitt-loses-committee-post-recall-effort-weighed


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9 replies

  1. His picture is living proof that assholes can talk.

  2. He’s a lunatic, a dangerous, ignorant lunatic. This is yet another demonstration of the necrotic effect of voter apathy. Democrats have to fight back by any and all means. Such vile people as GK need to have their lies and hate speech silenced.

  3. I have seen in this election cycle the fact that the American public either has the memory of a goldfish (which actually is an incorrect analogy) or don’t care about who they elect to important public offices. Do the voters of this great country ever look at the records of the people running for office? All the warning signs are there to be seen. Now the United States is coming into a period of Republican domination, and for the Transgender community, possibly oppression. We MUST be diligent and be ready to write, call, and/or show up in protest at the offices of those who seek to do us harm. We’ve had too many of our brothers and sisters hurt and killed gaining the rights we have to give those rights back easily.

    • “I have seen in this election cycle the fact that the American public either has the memory of a goldfish (which actually is an incorrect analogy) or don’t care about who they elect to important public offices.”

      actually, it’s the fault of people that don’t vote. also, CO house district 15 is EXTREMELY conservation, as is most of colorado springs, home of New Life “church” and Focus on the (other persons) Family.

  4. I think that during any midterm election there is great unrest on the side that is not holding the presidency. On the side that does, they become complacent and that is why many midterm elections show a landslide overthrow in the senate and congress. Sad really when hateful people like this can win an election due to distaste in the status quo. It wasn’t about who was best, just who was to blame for the status quo. I really wish people paid much more attention to the candidates and issues at hand. It isn’t like the Republicans are trying to overturn the only real thing Obama gave us in our mandatory health care or anything. It isn’t like they actually have an agenda to completely screw up the president or anything……….
    I really hope Colorado sees this person for the hothead he is and removes him from office sooner rather than later.

  5. What in the Hell is wrong with the people of Colorado. Well, he was only elected to the State House of Representatives, which means he represents a very small segment of the State, probably gerrymandered to insure a Republican wins. Remember Colorado Springs is where the notorious hate group “Focus on the Family” is. I suppose they are there because the community supports this sort of nonsense. I’m sure the people of Boulder and Denver are embarrassed of this fool.

  6. Time for him to come out of the closet.

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