Second Philippines transgender murder fuels additional community outrage

Mary Joy Anonuevo philippinesLEXIS CANNES STATE OF TRANS — On the heels of the murder of Jennifer Laude by a U.S. Marine, comes word that another Filipina trans woman has been murdered.

The latest victim is Mary Joy Añonuevo. She was found stabbed to death in the business she owned in Lucena city on Oct 21, 2014. The business was missing some cash and jewelery. Police suspect robbery according to a report in the Gay Star News.

Friends, however, believe it is a hate crime based on the number of stab wounds — 33. spokesperson for a trans organization, Dindi Tan, hinted that a disgruntled ex-employee might have been involved.

Filipinos outraged over the behavior of the U.S. Marine  involvement in the first killing has drawn quite a bit of media attention, so another trans death in the country is likely to draw even more — shining light on the dire conditions faced by many trans people.

t/h Mika Ellen Orzech

Jennifer Laude, murdered by US Marine:

Mary Joy Añonuevo:

Mary Joy Anonuevo philippines

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  1. Rest in peace, Mary.

  2. I read somewhere that there were actually *2* trans women murdered in the Philippines shortly after Jennifer’s murder. Allison Woolbert 😉 founder and CEO of the Transgender Violence Tracking Project ( 😉 was trying to verify this information.


  1. Transgender Day of Remembrance 2014: A Reporter’s List | LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS

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