Pakistani trans woman dies from apparent police beating

Keeta BakhshLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — According to a report in a Pakistani newspaper, The Express Tribune, Sarfraz Falki, a superior police officer from the Bahawalpur district suspended a junior officer, Aashiq Cheema, following the death of a trans woman who was in police custody at one time. The department also launched an inquiry into the death, including focus on the behavior of the officers involved. Muhammad Shahid Iqbal is to lead the investigation.

Sahiba, president of a Pakistani trans organization, said in the Tribune that police, lead by Cheema, arrested a group of people at a dance party that included at least one trans woman. The trans woman, Keeta Bakhsh, was beaten at a police facility according to Sahiba, and later jumped out of a police van. She was taken to a hospital and released, but shortly died thereafter at home.

Keeta Bakhsh

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  1. I’m just plain sickened at these types of atrocities perpetrated on innocent people. I have nothing else to say because it just might draw wrath by others stating that I’m being prejudiced against a government that allows this type of crap to happen. I’m sorry, but I just can’t help being just a little pissed off at extremist religion.



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