Conservative writer John Hawkins pens unbridled trans-hate piece

john hawkins CONSERVATIVELEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — So, another trans-hate article crossed my desk and looked to be another piece of hack journalism from a fringe blogger. Upon further reading, the level of bizarro triggered the Satire Alarm — it was looking more and more like something right out of The Onion.

A quick search on the net revealed the writer, John Hawkins, is legit. He’s appeared on a live Huffington Post panel and according to wiki: ‘listed by Alternet as one of the 10 Young Right-Wingers Being Prepped to Take Over the Conservative Movement.’

For a guy who supposedly has a psychology degree and seemingly ought to know how to use Google, he certainly discredited himself with the number of inaccuracies in the article. In fact, it the article appears to exist for the sole purpose of unleashing on the masses his personal hate and disgust of transgender people.

Here’s a sampling of Hawkin’s prose (and a few quick rebuttal comments from me):

Transgenderism is a mental issue, not a civil rights issue.” (American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-5 — which has been out for over a year — says its not a mental issue.)

“If you’re a man who mutilates yourself to look like a woman, you’re not going to actually be a woman.” (Appealing to emotion invalidates the entire argument, never mind that that the comment is factually incorrect.)

“You’re also probably not going to be the attractive fantasy you imagined yourself being because you’ve had male hormones pumping through your body for a lifetime.” (Virtually all people, cis, trans, or otherwise, fail to live up to their “attractiveness fantasy.” The hormones pumping thing is pure nonsense.)

“. . . your mortality rate will be 51% higher than the general population because of suicide and all the female hormones you’ve pumped into your body en masse.” (Hormones have nothing to do with trans suicide and Hawkins is overall confused about the causes. Suicide occurs because of rejection of trans people by society, not because they are trans. In fact, people like Hawkins trigger trans suicide.)

“Certainly, there are some people who are happy and successful after having gender reassignment surgery, just as there are happy and successful people in every other walk of life, but they are exceptions to the rule.” (Exception to the rule? Cite a peer-reviewed source, Mr. Hawkins, or admit to making this up.)

“. . . you can rant about “bigots,” “gay pride” and “civil rights” all day long, but it doesn’t change the fact that encouraging troubled people to permanently disfigure themselves instead of working through their issues with a mental health professional is a thoughtless, cruel, and monstrous act.” (In addition to the inaccuracy of his mental health argument, the fact Hawkins appealed to emotion in this statement reveals that it is Hawkins who is conducting a “cruel and monstrous” act — against trans people.)


I suppose Mr Hawkins is within his right to make things up to entertain his readers with, but likewise, he should expect to be held accountable for his actions.


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  1. What I simply do not understand is what about trans people is so terrifying that people like this being who wrote such hateful stuff. How is it possible that Huffington Post has him on their staff?

  2. Reblogged this on karaskonjectures and commented:
    Another great blog from Lexie. It would seem that since the right wing extremists are losing their battle to prevent marriage equality, they have turned their attention to writing quite a spate of anti-trans articles. By coincidence, I read of the suicide of a trans woman at midday today. The haters will say that is because we are mentally unstable. The truth is that anyone being subject to the constant hatred found in articles such as the one Lexie debunks here, and the multitude of other daily obstacles – we can’t even legally use the appropriate restroom in some places – is going to suffer from a variety of stress-related symptoms. People like Hawkins have blood on their hands, and vitriol dripping from their articles.

  3. I had surgery over 40 years ago. I have lived a pretty good life. I have lived all over this planet I made a decent wage was very lucky. But for most sisters of my generation it was much much harder. I know many have died from drug and suicide. But thank God is so much better for the children. Today there so much more understanding in today’s world and early medical treatment should cut down somewhat on the suicide. If PS why call him a right winger. I understand he’s a left-wing Democrat in his political views and economic. PS Christian fundamentalists. I know quite pro-transgender, that’s a very big barrel you will find Christians who are friends and who are enemies. The trouble painting everybody with the same brush

  4. John Hawkins is quite conservative sorry got him mixed up with another person may be getting too old. I will take my 30 lashes my dear sister’s

  5. the guy is an ass hole and is probable gay himself and cant come to terms with it so he has to justified himself with Hate

  6. Methinks the lady doth protest too much. Like so many GLBT people raised to believe that God hates them, or they are the children of Satan created after the fall of Adam & Eve, or that they are fundamentally disordered and oriented to evil this person comes off as more terrified of GLBT People than hateful. We’ve watched, read, met, observed etc. so much of how this self hatred effects people we can recognize them at 50 paces. This one seems to have talked herself into believing that if she faces transwomen who are happy, well adjusted, living normal lives then she’ll have to face herself and admit who she is, and that her denial has been wasting the only life she gets on play-acting manhood. Note to the hiding: You’re not invisible to those who are like you. We can see you. God doesn’t hate you and neither does anyone else worth your effort either.

    • well put. My thoughts entirely. I recognized her right away because I saw my ‘former’ self in what she wrote. Fortunately I am transitioning now and learned not to hate this in myself and live the one life I have. It still brings me down reading it cause of the horrible beliefs it promotes.

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