Barney Frank, silence would have been golden!

barney frankLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Barney Frank, I can’t figure out why you, now a retired Congressman, didn’t just quit while you’re ahead and rest on your laurels? Bringing to life a long-beaten horse that many people are still having difficulty moving on from isn’t exactly the behavior of a wise elder statesman.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to rehash 2007 all over again, except to respond to something new Barney Frank brought to the table — the issue that ‘we didn’t help lobby’ for the LGBT rights legislation. Now, I don’t know for sure if his claim is true, but trans people DO have reason for not turning out en mass, and it’s this –>

There are many of us that understand the nuances that come with getting LGBT civil rights legislation passed at the federal level and we can grasp the enormous difficulty legislators face. For others though, the decision to exclude trans people in order to get something passed in 2007 rather than holding out a bit longer was a bit too much.

As a result, there was a lot of anger, hurt and distrust within our community and it has lingered for years. The Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) recent apology was a huge step to heal and unite everyone and to move forward. Or so we thought. Unfortunately, in a recent interview, Barney Frank blew up the healing by stating the HRC should not have apologized!

What the heck, Barney? Did we really need to inflame this thing at this point in time?

Back in 2007, I gave you the benefit of the doubt. I see now I was wrong to do so.


barney frank


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  1. Reblogged this on karaskonjectures and commented:
    Why would he say this? Thanks for the article, Lexie.

  2. Barney Frank IS an ASSHOLE, When i was a delegate at the Democratic National Convention for 2012 he walked within 2 feet of me and I said hello to him twice and the bastard never even looked at me. let alone to take the time to say hello, People say maybe he did not see or hear me, Bull Shit.

  3. I like Barney. There must be more to this than being promoted. Probably taken out of context by those who are soured by the attention they are not getting. I’ve supported the HRC for years. They’ve promoted LG issues and assistance for years, to remove the negative stigma’s within the gay community…NOW, it’s OUR turn, and they are responding in kind. Trans is where gay was 25 years ago, fresh on the world stage. I will continue to support the HRC, as they fight the same enemy of ignorance and bigotry…which relates to us ALL!

    • Ally, the HRC has taken steps to repair relationships with trans people which is why I don’t understand Frank’s attempt to throw a wrench into this. The graceful thing for him to do would be to urge healing, not talk about 2007 again. Thanks for your comment..

  4. Barney Frank, the first openly gay member of Congress. in American history. The first member of American history had a whorehouse run out of is office. when the Democrats controlled Congress He was ahead of the banking and financing commission when President Bush said there was real danger in the loan industry and banking. He said there was nothing wrong with the banking our loan industry. And he stated this on YouTube you can see it. Also said Bush did not know what he was talking about. When they were writing a Bill for gay lesbian and transgender rights. He had them take out the part for transgender rights. That’s our gay blade

  5. screw Barney Frank, and all of the gays & lesbians who so virulently HATE us ( can you say TERF’s ?!?!?!?!?) nobody should be defending him- OR kissing the HRC’s behind… NO apology accepted…
    screw them…

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