Seattle-area trans groups conquer Washington state’s infamous billboard of bigotry

hamilton billboard chehalisLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Quick, name the three most-seen landmarks in the state of Washington? Automatically the Space Needle and Mt. Rainer comes to mind. And if you guessed Hamilton Farms’ Billboard of Hate as the third, you would be correct.

Nearly straddling I-5, high in the sky at the mid-way point between Seattle and Portland, Oregon, the sign is seen by 100,000+ cars a day. It was a billboard you couldn’t miss even if you were nearly blind.  It has existed since at least the ’60s and when freeway expansion came in the ’90s, it relocated to the other side of the freeway a mile down the road.

While I suppose every one has a right to voice their opinions, however there were things I saw as a little kid that really warped my then-utopian view of the world, and in particular, of the state of Washington. On the plus side, I suppose, it helped turn me into the liberal that I am today.

On that note, last week, a couple of trans rights group took over the billboard and hung a huge banner that read: “Transgender Health, Not Fossil Fuel Wealth.” Heh. Farmer Hamilton is rolling in his grave. If he’s not dead yet, he likely is now!

My hat’s off to the Trans and/or Women’s Action Camp and the Gender Alliance of the South Sound for using the Hamilton billboard as a catalyst for change. I couldn’t be more pleased!


t/h to all of you that that brought this to my attention!

Trans and/or Women’s Action Camp:

Gender Alliance of the South Sound:

hamilton billboard chehalis


Watch LEXIE CANNES right now: Or get the DVD:   

LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS is associated with Wipe Out Transphobia:

Read Lexie Cannes in The Huffington Post:

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  1. I say can you please enlighten me on what the damn billboard said. The. Billboard of hate. I must admit I’m completely ignorant on the subject but curious?but I am well knowledgeable about fossil fuels. Without fossil fuels millions of people would be dead today. And they give great paying job so much better than McDonald’s. And United States just past Saudi Arabia producing more oil than Saudi Arabia. And more natural gas than any other country in the world. And these give great jobs keeps American money in America. Were not giving it to lunatic Islam. who murder gays and treat women worse than dogs. PS and they truly hate dogs. Please inform me what the billboard actually said. I am for all free speech you have a right to hate me. I have a right to call them idiots. One old sisters opinion

    • Industries are trying to route coal, oil, etc., to the northwest in order to EXPORT them to other countries. I think this is the biggest beef.

      • We are the biggest producers of natural gas in the world. What would be wrong with exporting let’s say to Europe who are tied to.fascist Putin’s natural gas.. Again with coal. I think we have one third of the world’s known supply of coal a higher grade than most. we now produce more Oil than Saudi Arabia the prices have fallen. . The taxes Crazy California’s state taxes added another $.15 per gallon on gas 1 January.. I think the state and federal government make more money off of oil than the oil companies. But all these jobs in coal and oil and natural gas are high-paying jobs. not like working at McDonald’s.workers can make enough to feed their families. Well.. millions of people around the world lived today because of fossil fuels we can grow more food and Spend more on medicine. Thank the gods for fossil fuel

        • We need to leave all fossil fuels in the ground and go full bore on solar, wind and other things like Germany has done. There are already more people working in the solar industry than in coal and the potential for further grow is spectacular. The alternative (using fossil fuels) is only going to make climate change worse.

          • there has been no global warming in the last 19 years. The North Pole ice cap has grown in the last year the size of Alaska. . So has the South pole gotten larger where exactly is your global warming. Millions of people are not starving today because of fossil fuels. In Germany, is killing itself economically. many of its people cannot even afford heat without government subsidies as a made it so expensive. Solar energy is a joke windmills were great in the 1400s. Since they destroy the coal industry that would not be hard for Germany they have more jobs in the solar industry which are economically suicide for the country

  2. I too grew up seeing it almost daily. For those who do not understand it is owned by a family that are part of a radical right wing group. The sign post anti-liberal anything and verges on hate speech. It is fascinating that someone or small group of someone’s could be so negative to anyone. Everytime I see that sign I feel dirty.

  3. my dear sisters please tell me what was on the sign. My curiosity is overwhelming me.

  4. since you don’t give me one thing that was put on the sign. I’m from a much older generation. I must tell you a secret of my generation. We were taught sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me. This has helped me through my life. May you share its wisdom. So-called hate speech is speech. We disagree with in a free country they can hurt our feelings. Life is not a bowl of cherries get over it us. This

    • Oh look, a special snowflake that has never once been a part of a marginalized group.

      • that is probably not one person in the country who has not been marginalized. Get over it and grow up. During my life. being as transgender woman have been marginalize many times. Just as I’ve been screwed many times because of my race. Been screwed by African-Americans because I was inot black. Been screwed by Puerto Ricans because I was not Puerto Rico in the workplace. screw by Irish-Americans out of a job because I was not Irish. a very high paying job. None of these instances may need hate Puerto Ricans are African-Americans are Irish. I know there are ass holes in all groups.

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