Quick arrest follows murder of Memphis trans woman

Alejandra LeosLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — A suspect was arrested two days after a trans woman was shot to death near her home in Memphis, Tenn. on September 6, 2014. Police arrested Marshall Pegues and charged him with the murder of Alejandra Leos.

TV station WREG stated that a police report indicated that Leos was shot in the back and there was a quarrel between the two prior to the shooting.

Alejandra was supposedly well-known in the Memphis trans community.


TDOR is two months away and once again there will be a full slate of victims.

Tip of the hat to Mika Ellen Orzech.



Alejandra Leos


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  1. May her murderer rot in jail.

  2. After the fact doesn’t work.

    According to a poster named “KKK”, he’s a “Man of God”, always capitalized, and “I’m so much more than that”.
    According to “Pastor Richard”, he’s also a “Man of God”, found on YouTube at “Fuck Me in the Ass Because I Love Jesus” and a song called “Quitcher Bitchin Nigger”.
    According to Chad Bush, “but I’m so much more than that” at “I Am Jazz” on YouTube, as well as “they made their choice. I didn’t call for the extermination of anyone.” Yet another “preacher”.
    Reiteration of morality and social mores–what is acceptable to them–as “unchanging and absolute”.
    Particular denigration of “Catholics”.
    Inclusive and possessive use of “we” and “our”, as in “We don’t have to” and “Our women”.
    When pressed or confronted with facts, falling back on reassuring phrases and idioms designed to confirm righteousness and ensure adherence to the group.

    These aren’t trolls, these are Zombies, all brainwashed in the same laundry, as effectively as the “Moonies” were but far more active. While they accuse LGBT of having a “mafia”, it’s evident that the strong arm of the Southern Baptists are really the KKK, a force necessary to hide the truth about what their chemical and tobacco economies really produce.


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