Cancer claims trans role model and advocate Andrew Cray

andrew crayLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — A post Thursday on Andrew Cray’s Facebook page brought the news that he passed away following an apparent second bout with cancer. By all accounts Cray was a selfless and tireless advocate for trans people and for many, the news was quite shocking, especially considering he was only 28.

Cray was most recently with American Progress as a Policy Analyst working to get the Affordable Care Act implemented by the states.  Prior to that, he worked for the National Center for Transgender Equality on trans and LGBT health policies. At the National Coalition for LGBT Health, he worked to ensure the health needs of LGBT veterans were met.

Sarah McBride in Facebook:

“He had a warm heart up until the end, always putting the feelings and needs of others ahead of his own. He contributed more in his 28 years than most would ever dream of in 60 or 80. He loved and was loved. He befriended and mentored without regard for status or interest in gain. He gave others courage through the bravery he demonstrated; not just throughout his struggle with cancer over the last year, but also through the authenticity with which he lived his own life every day. Through his work, he helped open up health care to hundreds of thousands of LGBT Americans and spearheaded the national effort to ensure that transgender people can access the care they desperately need, but are too often denied.”

Full text:


andrew cray


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  1. Rest in peace Andrew.

  2. Reblogged this on Kira Moore's Closet and commented:
    Rest In Peace

  3. Very sad … Rest in Peace.


  5. Each of us needs to do a part to help us all reach equality. He will be missed, but maybe we can all be inspired.

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