GOP U.S. House staffers in trouble over ‘Orange is the New Black’ Wikipedia slurs

uso aduba oitnb crazy eyesLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Seriously, has it come to this? Anonymous editing of Wikipedia pages by Republican U.S. House of Representatives staffers in order to slur transgender people? Yes it has, as evidenced by the IP addresses of these anonymous users — they all led back to the House.

As a result, Wikipedia has blocked the House from access to their site, apparently for the third time. One of the targets of these transphobic congressional staffers is the Wiki page of the popular TV show Orange is the New Black. With the show up for a number of Emmys on Monday, they used the opportunity to rewrite descriptions and details of the show to reflect their brand of hatred in advance of heavy traffic expected on Monday.

Raw Story noted that some of the changes were to deliberately misgender transgender characters. An example given was the change “real transgender woman” to “real man pretending to be a woman.” I could go on, but we get the point — they’ll use any means necessary to spread their brand of transphobic hatred, even anonymously on computers in the offices of Congress.

The House watchdog group (Twitter account) @CongressEdits were the ones that brought this matter to the attention of Wikipedia. 

Wikipedia officials did say they’ll let the staffers back in provided they open accounts using their real names.


After a quick look of the correspondences Wikipedia officials had with them, one can see they’re not even up to snuff in the grammar and spelling department either, but hey, why should we be surprised? Many of the elected occupants of these offices lack in the brains department as well.

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uso aduba oitnb crazy eyes


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  1. This is apparently the IP number in question:

    If you track it down, let us know!

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