Colorado gay bar bans ‘effinamate’ customers; division of civil rights steps in

Vito MarzanoLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — About a year ago, a Denver Colorado gay bar boot a drag queen after they decided Vito Marzano didn’t meet a “dress code.” The club, Denver Wrangler, caters to gay ‘bears’ and bans exhibition of ‘effeminacy’ with a dress code which forbids things like high heels and make up.

Marzano filed a discrimination complaint with the Colorado Division of Civil Rights and just recently, the division found evidence of wrongdoing and ordered the bar to mediate the issue with Marzano.

The general manager, Phil Newland, is still defending their actions and insist that they are not transphobic, and that the dress code is needed to, among other things, keep the door open.

This case is eerily similarities to a recent Portland, Oregon bar that made the same arguments — they weren’t transphobic, and they needed to keep transgender people out to keep the door open.

In that case the state of Oregon also found evidence of wrong doing and ordered mediation. The owner refused to come to an agreement which prompted the state to issue a $400,000 dollar fine. The defiant bar owner eventually had to close his doors.


I don’t know which path this bar is going to take in response to the civil rights division’s action, but recent history show they have a real good chance of losing their bar if they don’t comply.

t/h: Christina Ann Marie DiEdoardo

Oregon bar fined $400,000:

Oregon seizes accounts after non-payment, bar closes: Oregon bar’s


Vito Marzano


Lexie Cannes — a great award-winning feature film about a trans woman. Watch it right now: Or get the DVD:   

LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS is associated with Wipe Out Transphobia:

Read Lexie Cannes in The Huffington Post:

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6 replies

  1. I keep saying this over and over again, NO ONE LISTENS! As a community, the Transgender, Lesbian, Gay, & Bisexual community must work as one unit, (we must all hang together) or we will not succeed in our fight for equality, (or we will all surly hang separately). The quote is from 1775 by Ben Franklin about the coming fight with England. When people are being discriminated against by our own community, that shows those who would have us fail, that we are a community that doesn’t want equality for all. Because we’re too busy fighting amongst ourselves. If we keep this up, then people like Rick Santorum, and Michelle Bachmann will win and I feel sure that none of us want that.

    • Ain’t gonna happen till the LG community figures out their issues with our existence. You can preach unity all day but the Alphabet Rainbow Umbrella Alliance is broken. Gay men erase our existence. TERFs advocate for our demise (yes many have said they would be okay with us committing suicide) both deny our very being. So until you can round up the LGs and get them with us you don’t have real unity.

  2. I know of a gay bar in Springfield, Mass, who kicked out transgender clientele. Quoting, “necessary to keep my doors open and stay in business”. But he failed to see that the real problem of his business was that it was in a two story industrial ceiling height room which required clientele to hike up 30 steps just to go to it. Plus there were two very closely neighboring gay bars getting tremendous action, but on the ground level. IMHO, who wants to get all sweaty climbing stairs? Throwing transgender patrons out lost him what income he was getting.
    BTW, I second what Jenna Statterfield has to say in her above comment.

  3. The fact of the matter is there is a wide swath of the gay community (though certainly not all) that can’t be bothered with the Trans-Community. Indeed some gays even resent the Trans-Community. The fact of the matter is there never would have been a gay political movement if not for members of the Trans-Community. At both the Castro Cafe Riot and at Stonewall in was trans-women and lesbians that took to the streets against the police. There were no gay males at those events fighting for their freedom and constitutional rights. But with that said I don’t know why anybody would want to hang out with a bunch of fat, hairy, bigoted, leather clad, beer guzzling “bears”. I know we should “all hang together” but that particular subset of the gay community are simply grotesque.

  4. When are people going to give transgender individuals a break? It must be hard enough undergoing surgery to try to finally be themselves without being accepted for who they are. Not so many years ago it was hard for gay people to be themselves, couldn’t they be more understanding towards people who are transgender?

  5. I get that hairy guys is their intended audience, but why would they turn away money, though I too don’t get why “effeminate” folks would want to spend their money there?

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