Murdered Baltimore trans woman is sibling of NBA player

Mia HendersonLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Another trans woman was brutally murdered in Baltimore, Maryland. Mia Henderson’s body was found by police in an alley on July 16th. Baltimore police say there was sufficient trauma to believe the crime is a homicide. An autopsy is pending.

The Baltimore police do not know if this incident is related to the murder of trans woman Kandy Hall earlier this summer. Police are still looking for Hall’s murderer.

Police Commissioner Anthony Batts on WJZ: “I will not slow down. I will not allow us to not stay on top of these. We will push extremely hard.”

News reports indicate that the victim’s brother is NBA player Reggie Bullock of the Los Angeles Clippers.

My article on the previous Baltimore murder:


I’m hoping the NBA-connection here brings transgender deaths, particularly those of trans women of color, expanded media attention.

Mia Henderson——

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  1. Rest in peace, Mia Henderson. Your tragic death will not be forgotten by us.

  2. “I’m hoping the NBA-connection here brings transgender deaths, particularly those of trans women of color, expanded media attention.”

    I’ve followed University of North Carolina athletics for a very long time. I don’t know if Reggie has much of a NBA “Q Score” at this point in his career, so I don’t know how much of a factor that will be. Bullock’s apparently a very fine, but a very private young man. I’m not sure he’ll have much more to say about Mia’s murder.

    This is from a 2010 article(s) (subscription required) on a UNC sports site, and it’s about the only thing the public heard about his growing up:

    While Bullock is the people’s champion of Kinston, he’s also cautious about who he lets in his life.

    In a small city like Kinston, it’s easy to get in trouble, so Bullock keeps his circle tight. Outside of his grandmother Patricia Williams, Kinston head coach Wells Gulledge and friends Dory Hines, Dallas Best, Dajonte Wise and Marquez Jones — Bullock doesn’t let a lot of people get too close.

    “I have like a little gate around me – only certain people come in,” Bullock said. “I feel like if you weren’t in my life when I was younger or when I needed you, why are you trying to be in my life now?”

    You won’t find any handlers or hangers-on around Bullock, just a family.

    “They’re the closest people to me.” Bullock said. “My dad passed away so Coach Gulledge played a big part in my life and also some of my friend’s dads. … They try to keep their hand over my head just to make sure things are going good.”


    “My grandma is basically the person who has been raising me all my life,” Bullock explained. “She told me as long as I stayed hungry and humble that I’d make it.”

    Bullock’s grandmother, Patricia Williams [“limited to a wheelchair and uses an oxygen tank”], is a former a minister in Kinston and the biggest reason Bullock is who he is today.

    Since Bullock moved to Kinston from Baltimore when he was three years old, Williams has been both his mother and father. While the former minister might not be thrilled about being the inspiration for a tattoo, her effect on Bullock’s personality is undeniable. His judgment comes from Williams. His work ethic comes from Williams. Even Bullock’s charisma comes from grandma.

  3. Looks like the story is getting national attention . . . This is from the Baltimore Sun:

    Transgender woman’s death draws national attention, calls for justice
    LGBT advocates hope the killing of Mia Henderson brings more awareness to report violence
    July 17, 2014|By Justin George and Kevin Rector, The Baltimore Sun

    Friends say Mia Henderson had only recently moved back to Baltimore when she became the victim of a homicide this week in Northwest Baltimore.

    Henderson was found in a Hanlon-Longwood neighborhood alley early Wednesday, killed by “severe trauma,” police said. Henderson’s brother, Reggie Bullock, is a shooting guard for the Los Angeles Clippers, and her death became national and international news Thursday in part because of that connection.

    Police say the killing of Henderson, 26, a transgender woman, bears similarities to the killing of another transgender woman named Kandy Hall, 40, about a month ago in Northeast Baltimore. Both were found dead during the early morning, and detectives are trying to determine whether the crimes are connected.

    Henderson, who friends said spent years in Baltimore, moved back to the city about a month ago from North Carolina, where her family had roots, said James Burrell Jr. of Women Accepting Responsibility, which advocates for transgender women. Burrell said he’d met Henderson on a few occasions and has been in contact with her friends since her death.

    “Just a sweet girl,” he said of Henderson, who was previously known as Kevin Long. “Kind of kept to herself. A little funny. A little comical. A nice girl.”

    Bullock declined to comment through his agent but on Twitter on Thursday he thanked well-wishers for their texts and phone calls. As the Associated Press, ESPN, The Washington Post, Huffington Post and the Daily Mail began covering Henderson’s death, many people took to social media outlets to raise awareness for LGBT crime victims.

    On Thursday, former Ravens linebacker and outspoken LGBT advocate Brendon Ayanbadejo also commented on Henderson’s killing, writing on Twitter, “This is why we fight. Its so much bigger than ‘gays in sports,’ it really has nothing to do with that.”

    Bullock, who is headed into his second season with the Clippers after being drafted last year, pledged his support for the LGBT community.

    In one exchange, someone under the handle @Miss_Star87 wrote, “R.I.P Mia Henderson (Kevin Long) another transgender woman killed. We as the LGBT community must stand up for our sister Mia. #JUSTICE.”

    Bullock responded, “thanks a lot … y’all community have my biggest support.”

    Another user, @glampickman, responded, “sorry for your loss be brave and use your star power to help the gay and transgender people #nohate #gayrights #love.”

    Bullock responded, “no doubt I’m pushing and supporting that community for life just because any person should be able to live there own life.”

    Police took the rare step of holding a news conference Wednesday to ask the public for help in solving Henderson’s slaying, which has concerned leaders of local LGBT advocacy groups who believe that transgender women are too often targeted by violence.

    Police said they investigate every homicide case with the same thoroughness. But some cases, such as Henderson’s, benefit from publicity while others do not, they said.

    “The high-profile nature of it goes toward solving it,” Baltimore police spokesman Lt. Eric Kowalczyk said. “We need to make sure that the community understands that as a police department, we’re going to do everything in our power to support them, listen to their concerns, meet with them, and at the same time ask for their assistance.”


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