No endorsement for transgender Nevada Assembly candidate Lauren Scott

lauren ScottLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — While Lauren Scott is a great trans role model — her founding of Equality Nevada, and her success in gaining rights for trans/LGBT Nevadans is testimony to this — she has unfortunately chosen to align herself with the political party that would legislate trans people out of existence.

That’s right, Scott is running as a Republican for the Nevada state assembly. Her opponent is incumbent Democrat Michael Sprinkle. While one can make the case Scott would be able to help ensure our rights are not usurped, the fact of the matter is so will a Democrat incumbent.

Democrats apparently hold a majority in both houses in Nevada preventing Republicans from attempting to bring nutty legislation to the floor that would either allow legal discrimination against trans people, or rid us of all rights, period — things we’ve seen in other states with Republican majorities. In Nevada, these things cannot even make it to the floor of the legislature. Should the majority change, there is very little Scott can do to prevent this.

Scott argues things are changing within the Republican party. But a quick sampling of headlines in the media or articles I’ve previously written in this space, points towards things within the Republicans Party remaining the same at best, or several decades backwards at worse.

Lauren Scott, until you can show that Republicans aren’t laughing at you (us) behind your back and you’ve rid the party of “bathroom cops,” we’ve no choice but to vote for Democrats because they are the only political party with power to stop us from being subject of public ridicule or living life in a closet.

You are, however, a trans role model for what you’ve achieved for trans people in the state of Nevada.


I do understand many trans people have Republican values, unfortunately in this day and age, with the majority of Republicans wishing to trample trans rights, I see no reason to accommodate those values.

Interview of Scott:

lauren Scott


Lexie Cannes — a great award-winning feature film about a trans woman. Watch it right now: Or get the DVD:   

LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS is associated with Wipe Out Transphobia:

Read Lexie Cannes in The Huffington Post:


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38 replies

  1. I know of other transgender Republicans as well who refuse to switch their party affiliation, or maybe they just vote Democrat when election time roles around. I don’t get it. How can they refuse to change over to Democrat when all they hold dear to them as transgender people is systematically reviled by the Republican party. It’s just like the Log-house Gay Republicans. I changed in 1999 when it was eminent that the Republican agenda was hell bent on preventing my basic human rights were held back from becoming supported by law.

  2. Correction. Hey, It’s too early in the day for me to post……I changed in 1999 when it was eminent that the Republican agenda was hell bent on preventing my basic human rights from becoming supported by law. It took a sympathetic Democrat Governor to push the law through……..

  3. I look at Ms. Scotts running as a Republican as a good !, one election at a time with the right candidates,, the Republican party has so many that are in opposition to the GLBT community, a great transrole model that is willing to carry the GLBT flag into the fight has my respect. I am not impressed with either party these days. Ms Scott might be the only transfemale in the room but it would be alot better than no one at all.

    • While I agree generally that a trans female is better than none at all, but unfortunately in politics, numbers matter — not the number of trans people, but, rather the number of Democrats that can block bathroom cops and the Bible thumpers that drive them. You’d think maybe the Supreme Court will strike down nutty anti-trans legislation, but the pile of recent 5-4 decisions favoring Bible thumprs suggests it isn’t a sure thing. The power of the Supreme Court alone is a good reason to never elect a Republican.

      • If the Democrats are better than Republicans in blocking “bathroom cops and the bible thumpers that drive them”, how come it took over ten years to get trans rights in Maryland despite having a Democratic majority in both houses? Over the years, some prominent (Catholic) Democrats blocked legislation.

        There are many of us who hold values on both sides of the aisle. Unfortunately, some factions of both parties have gone off their own deep end and have abandoned the moderates. Ms. Scotts sounds like a moderate Republican trying to bring a little sanity back to their party. The Republican Party actually needs more like her. It is up to the moderates in both parties to take back their respective party and bring it down to earth.

        Myself, I am a registered independent and I take Democratic values on some issues such as civil rights and reproductive rights but at the same time, I take a very moderate Republican stance on gun ownership, rural/farm issues and immigration. At the same time, I demand a 100% secular government.

        You must also understand that she is from Northern Nevada, which is much more red than Clark County (Las Vegas) to the south. Since a majority of Nevada’s population is in the southern part of the state, this is why we have a Democratic majority in the state.

        If I lived in the 30th District, I would have to look at both candidates positions on the issues that matter to me and vote accordingly. I am not going to vote for someone just because they are LGBT.

        • IN particular I think your talking about Roy Dyson. He’s a queer in denial and somehow his wife found out his political meetings were pubic meetins with other guys. They may have divorced, not clear

          Rep Burns is a black minister who re gays joins with the very religion that enslaved his people to deny gays and trans equal rights I pointed out to some people that he has a characteristic walk that is only found on some gay people

          He has announced he will not run again for office. Its likely, no one will talk, that he was given a choice – get out of office or get outed.

          BTW it took along time – but in 2012 the marriage bill passed and the referendum against it was defeated. Same for all 3 other scenes in MN< ME, WA state

          last year the trans basic protections bill passed and the attempt to drive it to referendum failed. The catholic church, instead of ignoring it since itt had nothing to do with marriage made a fool of themselves by opposing the bill – and supporting Delegate parrot and his constituency of heavily KLuxer mentality in washington COUNTY, western MD

          The attempt to referendum it to the voters this nov failed.

          PS I'm just a supporter of equal rights for all.

  4. I’m a transsexual woman am damn proud Republican. I would surely vote for her. [deleted by moderator]

    • Hi Hannah, I appreciate all your comments. But Obama has nothing to do with this race in Nevada. You are more than welcome to post your thoughts about him in the comments section of the article I wrote about Obama a while back.

      • president Obama had nothing to do with the article yes but many transgender’s believe that because Obama has been so good on transgender issues. They shall be Democrats. That’s the reason I mentioned Obama. And I believe Democrats are basically against the free enterprise system which I love so much has made my country so amazingly great

        • Again, you can discuss Obama on the article about him. In addition, this country didn’t become great until workers fought and obtain 40 hour work weeks, overtime pay and paid breaks — it was the workers of America that made our country great.

          • no that’s not true at all. Was the founding fathers that made this country great writing the the greatest Constitution of it’s time and I think of Today. Which gave Americans a way to change laws make it better . was not a 40 hour week.We enjoy rights that the government cannot take away which comes from our Constitution. our founding fathers knew the bigger the government. The smaller the people . That’s why such a large division between the executive the Congress and Supreme Court. And make it more difficult for th government become fascist are Marxists.we are country based on freedom, especially from government.

          • WE hear a lot of anti liberal talk from conservatives. If it wasnt for liberals we’d be living in the dark ages when the church ruled Europe via catholic kings, there was zero social and economic progress for a thousand or more years. It didnt begin to change until the excesses of the HOLY INQUISTION were spent and parts of that control freak mentality still exist today

            • no it’s the liberals are believe in government knows best. The conservatives who believes individual knows what’s best for then self. And that was a split with the Church of England they did not believe that government had a right to tell them how to pray to their God. It’s liberals who believe the government knows best for’s American conservatives believe you know what’s best for you and your children not big government. It was progressive liberals that Locke Japanese up into detention camps. It was progressives who went to sterilize African-Americans and poor whites not conservatives.get your history straight. And more Republicans voted for equal rights amendment then Democrats. Just as president Nixon integrated more schools than any president in American history. Also put proposition nine that gave women more equal funding in sports. The legislation for handicap Americans was under Nixon EPA was under Nixon.

    • It’s funny how Lexie Cannes is a die-hard Democrat and support the liberal agenda — which apparently means censoring information, deleting post that don’t agree with her ideology and stomping on dissent. Sounds more like a fascist then an democrat.

      The only reason she probably bothered to post anything about me and my campaign was so that the search engines would drive more hits to her web site. Typical democrat — exploit everyone else.

      • I don’t recall deleting any post in this thread unless it was an ad hominem attack. The only ones I’ve deleted in quite a while is spam. You’re free to post your agenda here if you want. But there is pretty much no way I can come around to the views of a party that is laughing at me behind my back. You’ll have to look pretty hard to find a Democrat that is doing this. Republicans? Just head over to FOX News and they’re laughing away.

        The ONLY reason I wrote this topic was to prevent control of the Nevada legislature from falling into the hands of the party-that-laughs-at-us.

        If I wanted to drive more traffic to this site, I’d write another post about Jenna Talackova or Fallon Fox, but they don’t interest me as much as the party-that-laughs-at-us.

  5. Please remove the photo of me from my 2012 primary campaign. The photo is not in the public domain and it was taken from the campaign web site without permission. Modification of the photo or creating meme’s from it is also not approved.

    By the way, it was the Log Cabin Republicans that ended the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, not the Democrats. You also might want to review the Jim Crow years.

    Thank you.

    Lauren Scott

    • Lauren,

      I love you and stand behind you! You are so bold for taking this step and you have my support as a transwoman and an American Citizen. You have a strong message of fiscal responsibility that resonates. Despite all the rhetoric, there are many transgendered men and women out there that aren’t registered Democrats and maybe, just maybe, Republicans will lead the way once again with a first. You can and will make history.

    • NO, it was a close vote in congress and both parties contributed to ending the abomination of DADT

      I met a 2 star general in DC re an anti DADT protest. He told us that with about 50 arabic lang translators kicked out of the mil, about 300 soldiers were killed eg at Faluejah etc where too late we got translations that we were heading into several traps. Things would have been very different iff we hadnt lost the translators

      BTW this a-hole of the extremist hate group FRC said ending DADT was a tragedy.

      No tony its a tragedy for you people. Many many enlisted military come from small towns in the south where there is little opportunity for good jobs etc, and all they hear about gays (almost all are in the closet there ) is degrading

      Now they will know gay people and discover that as Barry Goldwater said (before the repubs took over the hate machines) “I dont care if they are gay or str8 as long as they can shoot str8.

      Here is tony perkins , Kluxing along. White trash is to complementary for his sick ass.

  6. I will change the photo to the one you’re using for the current campaign, but since you made yourself a public figure by running for election, you’ve no longer any rights to privacy — the door is wide open for memes and photo modifications as with any political candidates and/or public figures. The other thing, you said the photo was from a “campaign website”. A campaign website is, for all practical purposes, a press release. Material, including photos, is posted for the specific purpose of public dissemination. It goes to say if one doesn’t want a photo distributed, don’t post it on a campaign website.

    (For those who have not seen the original photo, I went with what I thought was a more flattering photo.)

    One can’t really pick the hits and ignore the misses re: Log Cabin Republicans.Compared with the accomplishments of Democrats on trans rights, the LCRs barely registers.

    By running as a Republican you’ve put the balance of power at risk in the Nevada Assembly. Should that happen, there is risk anti-trans legislation reaches the floor. The LCRs may be powerless to stop it.

    While you didn’t ask, but you would have been better off running as a Democrat and upon getting elected, you could have reached across the aisle, and that would include working with the LCRs.

    • that has to be one most ridiculous things you have written.which takes some doing you’re saying. If she’s elected, she would tip the balance would be open to anti-transgender laws. If she’s one does tipping of the balance are you saying that she would vote for anti-transgender laws does not sound a bit at best silly

      • Please refrain from ad hominem comments. I stated very clearly that Republican gains in the NV assembly risks the end of the current Democrat majority. Is this true? Yes/No? If Republicans control the assembly, Republican “bathroom cops” could bring anti-trans legislation to the floor — something they can’t do now. Is this true? Yes/No? If this is true, will Lauren Scott be able to stop them by herself? Yes/No?

        Why would a trans person vote to open a door to put the party of “bathroom cops” in power when they already have that door shut?

        Finally, can you explain to the readers how you reconcile being laughed at behind your back by every other Republican chosen at random?

    • Be careful with that “you’ve no longer any rights to privacy”. Do you really believe that? (Not to prevent the use of the photo, maybe, but no other privacy rights whatsoever?)

      • Public figures such as politicians give up a heck of a lot of rights. Certain places such as bathrooms and so on may be off limits, but info (statements/photos) from otherwise private settings that may be relevant by the way of being “newsworthy” is fair game. Just ask Mitt Romney and Bill Clinton. Lauren Scott is no exception. A private citizen who through no fault of his own who ends up on the news has some rights — but it may take a court ruling to settle it if there’s a dispute.

        The fact that a politician is in here bickering over the usage of a photo from their own campaign (past or current) websites is an indication they may not be prepared for life as a public figure.

        • Well let’s analyse this a bit more carefully. Politicians in theory have the same rights — legally and by social consensus — as anyone. What happens is that they’re in some ways more able to enforce those rights (because of privilege they have as politicians, and as people in a position to get to be politicians), and in some ways less able to enforce them (because they are in the public eye, and because there is more incentive for people to expose information about them).

          I don’t dispute that bickering about use of a photo that was released publically is probably not very productive.

  7. As far as non-white voters are concerned, the Republican Party is the political arm of white supremacy, and your predominate white ranks gleefully ossify that impression every day.

    • that such a Democratic lie is laughable. But there’s an old saying the Democrats practice. If you tell a lie enough times. Some people will believe it. The only Latino governor is a Republican. I guess you believe Condoleezza Rice was for white supremacy

      • I’m not sure what you’re getting at — the so called “lie” works the other way around, too. I don’t think there is substancial evidence that Monica’s statement is wrong. One can hardly believe that there are Democrats calling for the oppression, or rolling backs of rights for black people. If there are some, can you kindly name them? I’d like to bring them to everyone’s attention who they are.

  8. Lexie, I love what you do and I love your website and visit it often for great articles. But you are so incredibly partisan and it blinds you so much that you wouldn’t even consider voting for a transwoman if she isn’t Democrat. You’re not only partisan, but you riddle your arguments with stereotypes and prejudice comments like ‘Bible Thumpers,” and “bathroom cops.” Do you hate any transwoman who doesn’t vote Democrat? I’m a transwoman libertarian and love Ayn Rand. Do you hate me? Did you know that some of my best friends that treat me with the most respect are Christians? I thought we are trying to break through stereotypes and embrace diversity, but I guess that doesn’t hold if you don’t belong to the right political party. Maybe just maybe there’s another argument out that the best hope for transwomen is the preservation and respect for the bill of rights, prosperity through free market, and less government intrusion on our lives. The few bones politicians throw out to the LGBT community to secure their vote and secure more power doesn’t necessarily mean better lives for everyone in the long run, especially if we are all in the bondage of debt and see a disintegration of the bill of rights. We can debate our points and probably never agree, but I am very surprised that you would not respect the fact that a transwoman could be a Republican, or libertarian, or anything other than a Democrat.

    • Republicans as a whole would like to legislate us out of existence, Tell me why a trans person should vote for a Republican majority.

      Further, please explain how you deal with the public ridiculing you get from many of your fellow Republicans (usually behind your back). How would voting for Republicans reduce the transgender suicide rate?

      • ps; you’re free to vote for ever who you want, but I would NEVER recommend voting for a party that desires to legislate us out of existence. That party has a name, the Republican party. Call it bias, or hate, it’s no matter. I’m against all parties that desire a second class citizenship for us.

      • Thank you for not publicly ridiculing me because frankly I get more ridicule from the left and from the LGBT community, including my tran-sisters, for being a libertarian than I ever have received from Rupublicans and Christians for being a transwoman, just as Clarence Thomas is ridiculed and called an Uncle Tom by the African-American left. Our duty is to educate and sway public opinion, and I don’t think the best way to do that is by coercion by the government at the cost of our freedom.

        • That’s factually incorrect. You’re picking the hits and ignoring the misses. Select 100 Republicans and 100 Democrats at random and do a little survey — you’ll get a true measure of which which party leads in the ridiculing department.

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