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  1. Come have a go at me. Come on, you weak ass wanna be hero. Show me your true colours like that and i’d teach you a lesson you ain’t never gonna forget. This is absolute cowardice,Trans discrimination like that.

  2. This is frightening in its similarity to an attack on two trans women outside Motor City Pride 2014. It happened right next to me. I tried to get one of the girls to some help, but was unable to do so. There were two attacks that day at the event. The one that made the news was an attack on a gay man, and it was brutal. I saw the video of that attack. But, the attack I saw was much, much worse than that. We need to stick together . . . there are some bad, bad people out there who just flat out cannot stand us for even one second. I wish I had something to say that would make it better or make it go away . . . yesterday, I heard a young trans woman killed herself in Flint, about 45 minutes south of where I am. We have to stick together. It’s the only way.

  3. That is exactly why I carry a knife. I got stomped once, but never again. Slice their achilles tendon and they won’t be stomping anything anymore after that.

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