Citing Sharia law, Malaysian authorities jail, shave heads of 16 trans women

Nisha AyubLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Earlier this week, religious police from the Negeri Sembilan Islamic Department in Malaysia, crashed a wedding and arrested 17 trans women for violating a Sharia law which bans cross dressing.

While one minor was released, the other 16 ended up having their heads shaved — a requirement for the male detention center — and were jailed. Early release attempts by trans organizations failed because a judge would only allow parents to post bail.

On Tuesday, the women were given a sentence of 7 days in prison and were each fined $300 USD — a payment need to be made immediately or the jail term would be extended 6 months.

Trans advocates say the law — Section 66 of the Shariah Criminal Enactment 1992 — has been used repeatedly to harass the trans community, and the legality of the law is currently in front of the Court of Appeals.

The Justice for Sisters’ Nisha Ayub say the 16 thus far, have been segregated from the general prison population and have been treated well.


Tip of the hat to Kayla Fruetel.

Nisha Ayub


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  1. Another reason to hate Sharia Law. If the religious right make headway here in the states, they will implement similar laws to forbid transgender and gay people their human rights and jail them too. Next, they will force women to wear clothing that hides their body, much like the black berkas worn in the Muslim countries.

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