VRS fraud convict Marc Velasquez returns to fraudulent ways while on probation

marc velasquez vrs fraudLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Marc Velasquez, sentenced in federal court less than a year ago of defrauding the government out of millions of dollars, has returned to his roots — hucksterism. His latest scam — non-payment of wages to people involved in his latest business “venture”.

Velasquez, was arrested a few years ago after his Lake Oswego, Oregon, business, Deaf Studio 29, was caught participating in a widespread deaf video relay scam that cost the federal government nearly $100 million dollars. Twenty seven deaf business people were eventually convicted and are in prison or on parole. Velasquez agreed to a plea bargain of 3 years probation and a restitution of $2.5 million dollars.

Velasquez is less than one year into his probation term and evidence has surfaced that he has returned to his fraudulent ways — behavior that may be in violation of his probation terms.

Velasquez appears to be conning people into working for him and intentionally avoiding compensating them. Evidence shows that Velasquez has a business in Portland, Oregon and it is still in operation. A number of deaf people in the community are reporting that Velasquez has failed to pay them (employees and subcontractors) for the work they provided for him in recent months. I was able to confirm this for at least one employee. I was also able to confirm that the state of Oregon Wages and Hours Division has opened a file on Velasquez and are attempting to collect unpaid wages on behalf of at least one or more workers.

If you’re a victim, file a claim with the Oregon Wage and Hours Division. Send it in and the state will do the rest: 

Click to access wageclaim.pdf

If you are owed money and wish to speak to an attorney who specializes in wage recovery, Brian Buchanan may be able to assist you. You will not need to pay him unless there is a recovery, 503-581-4826. Another attorney, David Schuck, will do a free case review, 360-566-9243.

State law requires prompt and timely payment of wages. Don’t let dodge games by deaf con men keep you from collecting your wages.

Like all good con men, Velasquez has a bunch of aliases. Here are some: Mickey Mark Velasquez, Marc Zelasquez, Marc C Velasquez, Marc H Velasquez, Marc V Velasquez, Mark H Velasquez, Mark M Velasquez, Mickey Velasquez, Marc Velasquez Verson, Marc Velasquez Wolf, Deaf Pirate.

US Department of Justice on Velasquez’s guilty plea: http://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/2011/January/11-crm-100.html

Court judgment and probation terms:

Click to access 20130722-VelasquezVersonJudgment.pdf

My previous articles on the VRS fraud story: https://lexiecannes.com/?s=vrs+fraud&x=5&y=9

marc velasquez vrs fraud


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63 replies

  1. Anyone with contact information for his probation officer, post it here.

    • Lexie, Marc’s business that he is operating now is Wolves Pizza Kitchen in Portland, OR. Wolves Pizza Kitchen’s address is 25 NE 122nd Ave, Portland, OR 97230. The phone numbers are: 503-889-0487 &
      503-994-0008. Many of deafies were his victims which I’m coaxing them to testify below.

      • I’m a victim myself. He conned me 19 years ago and owe me a lot of money and never paid me back. He has conned a lot women and myself telling us to invest in his business and say can be a VP in his business. He also a compulsive liars. He promise to pay me back and never got a penny from him. Just more lies. Glad he got caught and need to go to prison for life. Please help me get my money back.

        • Your best bet is to talk to a lawyer. Good luck.

          • Karen, I agreed with Lexi’s suggest you need to get your lawyer. I would like to get a lawyer against him myself – I do NOT want his money- I just want him to sign his confession on the paper then he is going to jail that he deserves by his devishly tactics deceived the many (include you and me).
            Colleen Simsa, MI

  2. I am a victim. Marc owes me many hours of labor. I started as painter (contract) but then became a supervisor – open and close the store. I earned only $650, yep since February. Marc decided the rest be “bonus” … no pay until his business starts seeing $ coming in and said I’ll see bonus in about three months. I did not invest… I’m just an employee and contractor. Pay up you fraud.

  3. Marc has “hearing” female finance partner contact info here: Katherine Biggs 503-332-3681.

  4. Is there a way to get the money back that Marc owes me? I contacted the lawyers and they said that they cannot help me because I am from Texas. Is there another way around to get my money back from this fraud man, Marc?

    • Small claims court in the town where you earned the money from him. If you’ve a lot of proof, you could try. You don’t need a lawyer for that.

    • You have to buy a lawyer in Texas as I believe that. Truly sorry to hear this info. I knew him very well that he really awful.

    • I’m from Texas too! I will never see my money he owes me. Stupid liar just like [deleted by moderator] Lie lie lie! He has conned too many women. Please send him to prison before he do more damage to tigers shed ruined their finance like myself. Praying for him to go to prison for life. He makes me sick!

  5. I have been looking for him as well as he owe me 50,000 dollar to invented the business in Las Vegas. He broken his promise to pay me back and it is been since in 1997. Business was called “creation “.

  6. GREAT! It is about a time that Mark Velasquez had been caught. He is a professional Con Artist for years and know how to GET AWAY. I will leave more comments soon when I will have my better time.

  7. I would like to share to tell you an incredible story of Mark Velasquez, his deceit tactics fooled many. He is a professional Con Artist man. He hopped every states[ Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Canada, NY, Colorado, Utah, Oregon and California, possible more other states that I not aware of? Mark live into a FANASTIES with his very child type man. He born liar. I call him as “CONSTITUTION LIAR”. He know how to tell lies to make them to believe he tell true.

    He has about 20 different cards. Most are non-existence. There are copy-machines, Financial, Cable TV, and more others.

    Mark even say he has a business Corpation in NY and own a private jet. Even he said he run his Big Company title called “American Eagle Broadcasting.” I learned soon that “American Eagle Broadcasting” really was where Mark V lived was at his apartment!!!

    He never support child from his ex wives. He may be suspect for “bigamy”? Even he almost get married to a wealthy woman from Californian while he has a wife who live in Colorado!

    There are LOT going on…..I can’t type more details here. This should be good enough for now.

    Please report to police or detective about this man who had tried to you…do not buy his lies. Do not give him any money, write a check, or credit card, do not invest with him.

    Colleen Simsa
    Traverse City, MI

      • I met Marc in 2001, he was doing HiDeaf business in California, he asked me for $15k loan, promised me that he would pay me back in full with 10% interest. He then asked me for more money which I did not because I wanted to see in returns first, he got pissed at me..

        So I never see my money back since then…

        In recent in April 2014 I found Marc so I started a little FB conservations with him which called himself as Marc Velasquez Wolf”

        Here it goes:

        April 20, 2013 4:20 pm – hello marc – still out of jail? – tom; —
        April 20, 2013 11:23 pm – Hi Tom, why ask … you never talk me since so not need do know reason none nose smile .. thank you Marc —
        Because you owed me as you promised pay me back since 2002 –
        thank you for insult me … you bring up this why not talk about 11 yrs ago … why now … thank you again .. have good night …

        I stopped and quit dealing with him, same patterns, no change in him, hes so full of it….no point dwelling with him

        I was surprised the court gave him a 3 year probation after cost the Federal $100m plus scamming everyone monies? ugh???

        He must be crazy thinking he could get away with it..

        I am not surprise that he is so stupid doing it again the same thing during the probation.

        I would like to get my money back..geez sometimes I wonder how much monies he took from everybody over the years?

        Tom Morrison
        Roseville, CA

        Chat Conversation End

        April 20, 2013 11:23 pm

        Hi Tom
        why ask … you never talk me since so not need do know reason none nose smile .. thank you Marc

        • Hi Tom, I am so sorry you have a problem. You are not alone. I got the problem also. He stolen my money last in 1998 by his deceive manipulation. Do not come near him or even email or call him. Let him go. He will be big SORRY someday the soon. Take care Colleen

  8. I got word that the state of Oregon Wage and Hour division has already collected some of the former employees unpaid wages from Mr. Velasquez.

  9. Will it be impacted on deaf community? Marc owed me 50,000 dollars for bad investment in Las Vegas back in 1997. I want that money back!!!

    • He owes me a lot of money too. Back in 94. I want my money back too… After watching 20/20 tonite. One woman loan her ex boyfriend $400,000 during 6 years relationship the money she inherit from her grandma. He no longer wants to be with her and try to hide from her cause she was chasing him down asking him to pay the money back.

  10. Wow. Came here to find out something–anything–about this strange new business that I pass on my way to work, and instead discover we’ve got a rather unsavory guy behind it. From the repeated poor grammar of many people here commenting on how they were scammed, I’m guessing he feeds on the under-educated, or immigrant population. Dang. Was really hoping for a good, honest local pizza joint to open in my hood!

  11. I know people who are still waiting to be paid in California. He had decent A/V equipment in Huntington Beach but was looking for people to invest in his new Deaf News Network business. I listened to his story about living in France, having a hard time learning how to drive on the left side (they sure don’t) and that he drove a Volkswagen Rabbit (they were never called Rabbits in France). I called him on it and he was stumped. He didn’t know I was a frequent world traveler and I didn’t believe a single word after that. I left his office in disgust and I am amazed how many people have stepped forward claiming to be a victim of his. He claimed his real name was Marc Velasquez Verson and even said his family was wealthy and owned a city of Verson in south of France (it is actually a tiny commune in northwest of France).

    • Richard, he tells the lie to everyone he met about being wealthy and has a home in France, Manhattan, Vancouver and other places. He uses people to invest in deaf newspaper. I got scammed by his lies. He owes me a lot. I was a fool and stupid by believing in him. I wish I never met the con artist. You will be hearing more stories by others been scammed and lied to. Where in the heck is he now? I hope he is in prison for fraud. His mother maiden name is Verson and real name is Marc H Velasquez. He uses other names too.

  12. I spotted this on Velasquez’s LinkedIn profile. Apparently he claims to have worked for 20th Century Fox for 30 years:

    Chief Technology Film / Graphics
    20th Century Fox Film
    February 1976 – November 2006 (30 years 10 months)Breve Hills California

    • And his education:

      Portland Community College
      Portland Community College
      Maya Graphics and After Effect Graphic
      2012 – 2013
      College of the Redwoods
      After Effect Graphic Photoshop Artist Films Edition
      2010 – 2012
      Mott Community College
      Electrical engineers Photographic Developer Art Paints
      1973 – 1976

      • Feel sorry for him. he got mentally sickness. His liar is his best friend instead of truth. He hate honest. On his mind, lie right and honest wrong!

        • Do you know if he worked at 20th Century Fox for 30 years?

          • Lexie, No, I never heard or knew about his worked for 20th Century Fox for 30 Years. To my best knowledge, NO – he never work like that. He has very limit level that he is capable of. he is very GOOD to FOOL everybody even made no sense! He is very good IMAGINABLE liar. He tell MANY different stories with NO straight whatsoever. he LOVE to talk about ” BUSINESS” – “INVEST” – Tell others where he came from- he came from FRANCE, He is wealthy, own jets- If he is wealthy- he WOULD NOT ask others to make invest to him! he has SICKNESS a, possible mentally illness-

  13. Karen Conn, May I ask you personal? How much money did you have him?

  14. To all of you should ask his old job from past time then they will tell you if it is true or false…… if he owed you the money more than 10 years but i don’t think he will able to pay you guys back.. I doubt it.. He already paid fined few year ago.. so I know he own business in somewhere at Oregon and I guess He did pay his employers to work there.. who knows.

  15. I have also worked for him and have never got paid . he has papers with my social security number , I will be filing a claim.

    • You can check his video on his fb page at wolf kitchen pizza in Portland, Oregon. He owes me tons of money from 20 years ago. Why isn’t he in prison? Did he lie to the judge to make him look innocent.

      • This man, real name – Mark Henry Velasquez. he have many different fake names. WARNING to anyone!!! ATTENTION: This man is a professional CON ARTIST! He fool them to made an investment promise for their rest of their life! PLEASE do not give any $$$ money to this man!!! He will use his deceive tactics to fool someone who is stupid enough to believe his LIES! He steal their money from different states for years. BEWARE of this man! THANKS!

        • Listen to Colleen! We both know Marc is a con artist and knows how to tell them lies by believing everything he say to get their money by saying you will be a Vice President to his business with big return in investment. All lies! Someone need to arrest him at his wolf kitchen pizza in Portland, Oregon.

          • Karen, Have you filed a police report? Have you consulted a lawyer? The police cannot “arrest” anyone if the people being defrauded are not reporting these crimes. Posting about his past misdeeds is rather worthless without calling the cops or consulting an attorney. This guy is an ex-con who was jailed on federal fraud charges because the government went after him for stealing their money. If you want him in jail for stealing YOUR money, YOU (and everyone else here) must take action beyond posting in forums.

            Good luck.

    • Leala, you must file a claim and the state wage and hour division. Don’t just talk about it in online, do it.

      You only have 180 days to file. Do it now. Fill this out best as you can, mail it in and the state will try to figure it out.

      Click to access wageclaim.pdf

    • Hello Leala,

      I am very sorry for your deceive by Marc Velasquez. My curious to ask you, Have you filed out the claim all done and what happen? I just want to know- thanks

  16. Please be advised that Oregon has statute of limitations for both minimum wage and overtime
    2 years for OT and 6 years for MW

  17. I do not understand why those [many] women and men who did NOT file the claims AGAINST Mark Velasquez, Take it ACTION!!!

  18. His real name is Marc not mark! i know him since 1999 and forget him and move on!!!!!!! most of you won’t get money from him.. it is hard to get money back what he owed you and he owed me too but my legal lawyer told me it won’t get money once he got caught and he can’t pay everyone else.. he will go back back to jail in someday… let someone to catch him not you…… then better choice is not give money to him period!!!!!!!!

  19. Please I am about to invest a six figure amount with a Mickey Velasquez in UTAH. Below is his profile on Linkedin. https://www.linkedin.com/in/mickey-velasquez-76a7b816 Please is this same individual you are talking about here?

    • No that’s not the real Marc Velasquez. That’s not him in the picture. Profile does not describe him. I would be able to tell if that was the real Marc with terrible spelling and grammar..

    • His linkedin profile are Marc Velasquez Wolf and Marc Velasquez Version. Those are his two profile names he is using. Check it out.

  20. i know about marc. he married a deaf friend of mine by taking her to court and somehow marrying her without her consent. he then took her to the bank and got his name on her account and started withdrawing from it. he also got his name on all her credit cards and maxed them all out to the tune of $200,000. finally, she’s divorcing him, while he married another woman in oregon, and he’s asking the court for her to give him half of her pension. he also asked her for 2.5 million that he has to pay to stay out of jail. told her to forget the past and move on and not give him one more cent. her lawyer agrees. he’s just the way he is and will never change.

  21. Reblogged this on deaf people. and commented:
    Deaf video relay scam.

    • GREAT! I am aware that he connected Facebook to try made friends with them that not know him- he interest for their money- not for their friendship! BEWARE! Now HE is no longer Facebook. HIs name: Marc Velasquez Wolf. BEWARE, watch out him- (he may change his name different) to take their funds.

      Colleen Simsa, MI

      • Exactly Colleen! That’s how he makes a living by lying to women and lie his way by telling them he is a millionaire and tell them to invest in his business for big return. It’s all lie! He is a professional con artist. Don’t fall for him…


  1. VRS fraud convict Marc Velasquez returns to fraudulent ways while on parole | Deaf Canada | Deaf Canada focuses on bridging and strengthening ties between Deaf communities across Canada by hosting as a portal to media such as news and events.

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