(Update: Paper apologizes, yanks trans hate piece) Chicago Sun-Times reprints Williamson’s transphobic hate piece

transphobia chicago sun timesLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — (Update June 4, 2014. The Chicago Sun-Times apologizes for ‘massive fuck up’. See below)

I shudder at the thought of the number of trans people that will continue to be subject to violence as a result of Kevin D. Williamson’s trans hate piece being reprinted in a large mainstream newspaper. Yup, a few may likely end it all, triggered by this article’s appearance in the Chicago Sun-Times. I’m referring, of course, to the Laverne Cox article published recently in the National Review.

A bit of research uncovers those responsible for another shameful moment in Chicago newspaper history. Sun-Times Media LCC is owned by Wrapports. The chairman is Michael W. Ferro Jr., and Timothy P. Knight, is the CEO and publisher. Jim Kirk is the senior VP and is the editor of the Chicago Sun-Times.

These three guys are ultimately responsible for the contents of the Chicago Sun-Times. Even if not directly involved in the decision to publish the Williamson piece, they set the conditions that allows hate pieces to appear in the Sun-Times without much (if any) scrutiny.

Link to phone numbers and email to contact the Sun-Times (not the actual article): http://www.suntimes.com/aboutus/contactus/index.html

My previous article on Williamson’s National Review piece: https://lexiecannes.com/2014/05/31/transphobe-extraordinaire-kevin-d-williamson-of-the-national-review/


UPDATED June 4, 2014 — The Chicago Sun-Times apologizes, yanks trans hate piece.

From Buzzfeed:

“A day after syndicating a column by National Review correspondent Kevin D. Williamson with the headline, “Laverne Cox Is Not a Woman,” the Chicago Sun-Times has taken the op-ed off of its website and apologized.

“Upon further consideration, we concluded the essay did not include some key facts and its overall tone was not consistent with what we seek to publish,” Editorial Editor Tom McNamee told BuzzFeed in a statement. He added that it was the “right thing to do.”

Shortly before the article was pulled, Sun-Times Digital Editor Brandon Wall tweeted, then deleted, that the piece being published was the result of a “colossal parade of fuck ups.”


transphobia chicago sun times


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  1. Well I can tell you one thing. They did not make the cover of Time magazine – Must be three very jealous guys!

  2. I wonder if the mass media is not partially responsible for the fact that there seems to be so much trans phobic hate around. On most television programs we are portrayed as either prostitutes, victims of violent crimes, or prisoners of the criminal justice system. We are never shown as doctors, lawyers, cops, pilots, business owners, house wives and mothers (or fathers), religious leaders, or in any of the mired of jobs there are where transgender people work. I feel that until the transgender population is shown in a more positive light, and not only as clowns and characters in a freak show. We will continue to have to duck and dodge not only the words, but the fists, rocks, bottles, and bullets of the narrow minded that have a mouth and something hateful to say.

    • It’s mainly because of feminism, transsexualism used to be considered completely legitimate and a medical condition that needed treatment (SRS, hormones, breast removal, psychotherapy were covered by insurances). But feminism lobbied to remove the trans care, and they publicly demonized transsexualism and said that it was oppressive and nature, a thing created by the patriarchy to oppress women, and that it was completely illegitimate.
      Once people stop being brainwashed by feminism I think we’ll find a lot more acceptance. And yes, people are brainwashed by it, the belief that everything is born with, and that gender roles is the exact same thing as gender, comes from feminism, even people who are against feminism are usually brainwashed by their ideology of gender.

  3. Just called the sun times and left a comment

  4. Sorry, been in slow-or-no connection hell, like West Tex or Gehenna, not sure where, but wrote this and it has to go somewhere; may seem familiar…

    Doctors are concerned with Williamson because of his statement, “Hormones can’t make you a man!”
    “Apparently,” said Professor Phibalittle, “he has not masculinized enough while in the womb and now thinks everyone should have stayed female.” Doctor Ed Books concurred: “Yes, this explains his fetal position and phalli-centric focus. If he gets any closer, he’ll be able to kiss it good-bye.”
    Annie Oldway, Adjunct Professor of Knowing Stuff at the School for People Who Don’t Address Reality Good, and a person who can add, said “We’re very concerned with the conflict Mzter Williamson is going through. On the one hand, his statement that hormones can’t make you something means that he must have developed as a female in the uterus. But when we ask him why he thinks he’s a male, he says ‘Because I have a penis’. Notice how he says ‘I’ and thus recognizes that he has a brain, but it’s entirely defined by the only thing that Gog-forsaken organ recognizes: genitals. It’s the worst case of pene-cephalus I’ve ever seen.” (Pene-cephalus is a modern disease known throughout ancient times as “OE: nob noggin” and “Middle Kingdom: just plain dick-headishness”.)
    Offspring of ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s cigar smokers are praying for him everywhere, mostly because they don’t know where they are or how they got there. Due to the fact that even the sons of mid-level execs can be subject to PAHs (aka, “bad stuff”) and thus low IQ and behavioral problems, they still think they’re a political movement and are unaffected. G. Rand Dios of the Society for the Study of “What the Heck is ‘Derp’ and WHY ARE THEY SAYING IT?!?” was quoted as stating “We’re behind you all the way, buddy, just like Satan. Remember, your lower lip is from Gog–go get them phagocytes!” Puber T. D. Nide, minor secretary of the Society, commented “Mr. Williamson has obviously been subjected to an overdose of their ideological ‘idee fixe’, a subject I vow never to quit blogging about, it’s my passion, I’ll never give it up, I’m drawn to it, it does something to me deep down inside, as if it was a message straight to me from Gog, but wholesome and natural. I just hope he has enough mustache wax to make it through.”
    “I’ll never accept that smoking and synthetic estrogens created me, I’m an act of Goddess-Loin Milk. Neurology doesn’t define people–these freaks are doing it on purpose!” said Sister Beatrix Forme of the It’s-Only-Natural Nunnery for Post-Adolescent-Onset Paranoid Schizophrenic SadFems. “Just because I have the same spatial, hunting and stalking abilities as **les, an excessively bad response to **le pheromones, and a BSTc that causes extreme fear of the letters **, doesn’t mean I’m not twice the women these immoral wanna-bitchez are. But just maybe, with the right clitorectomy and ovation, this Williams-un could be acceptable to the True Lesbian Hate-riarchy. ‘Be sexy for me or die, biatch’!”
    Even Johnny Carson’s old oncologist, Ben Dover, was worried. “With his religious belief that ‘If it’s the same DNA, it’s okay’, we won’t be able to operate. And no one’s ever survived this level of foot-in-mouth contortionism before. If his prostate cancer’s going to be cured, he’s going to have to eat his way out.”

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