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  1. That is sick l and sad on so many levels!

  2. The attackers are human scum. Why are people so afraid of gay and trans people? Why is it ANY of your business? Every single person on this train who stood by and did nothing is an animal. Not fit to be called a human being.

  3. i agree megan they are just as bad as them2let it happen.there is nothing wrong with gays,bisexuals or trannys.that is disgusting what they did+i hope they get prison for this malicious act.

  4. It’s disgusting… I would like to think/hope that there were some people on the train that were wishing to help but we’re afraid to come to the victims aid to avoid being hurt them self.

  5. Atlanta? Why am I not surprised? Atlanta may have a gay section, but go three blocks either way out of that section and you’re inviting trouble. Time to pack mace, a good stun gun and pack some heat too if you go to Atlanta. After all, it is your right to protect yourself, so the gun owners say.

  6. How will she get through the aftermath of this sick attack on her body and soul,, We all have the right to exist with out brutality !!! 😦

  7. Anonymous, thanks for your sentiments. But a correction: that should be trans people not ‘trannys’.

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