Boss to transphobic radio show hosts: You’re fired!

barry-beck-kimberly-rayLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Following a 12-minute on-air hateful diatribe against trans people, the hosts of a Rochester, NY morning radio show found themselves promptly canned by their employer, Entercom.

Radio personalities Kimberly and Beck (Barry Beck, Kimberly Ray) of 98.9 The BUZZ, began unloading on trans people following Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren’s efforts to provide health care benefits for transgender city employees.

Partial transcript provided by Towleroad:

“Transgender or gender nonconforming. What the hell does that mean? Like you’re not a woman or a man??

“The dude can look like a lady and the city is going to pay for it!” (cue “Dude Looks Like a Lady” music)

“Does that mean then if women want a boob job they’ll pay for a boob job because that’s only right.”

“The services that will be paid for under the new coverage – gender reassignment surgery, PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELING, because you’re probably a NUTJOB to begin with!”

“It’s a slippery slope. Then if some woman can go to a doctor and it’d be proven that she’s got mental issues because her rack’s not big enough then you know what? she deserves a boob job, Right Kimberly? Or she deserves liposuction.”

Entercom’s Sue Munn says they are fired permanently.


Thumbs up to Entercom for the very prompt public spanking of these now former employees.

Tip of the hat: Gabrielle Langmoore



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13 replies

  1. She’s fat.

    • She is, but fat shaming is no better than trans shaming. Be better.

      • So when is a girl not critical of another?

        • OK. Small-market nobodies. Unemployed ones.

        • When she becomes a woman and is secure in who she is. Real women bond together and support each other. Little girls with weak character feel the need to put someone down in order to feel better about themselves. We are all connected, and when we point the finger, we have at least 3 fingers pointing back at us. I didn’t hear the radio show, but I am familiar with the inside workings of radio management, (my now ex husband worked in radio for our 33 years marriage). I read the comments above and I do not feel the radio djs said anything that was offensive to the point of losing their jobs. The public and management forgets that the radio djs are just doing their jobs and they have families that they support doing their radio jobs. Now, because a group of people can not laugh at themselves, two people are out of jobs without even an opportunity to apologize for any misunderstanding. I feel compassion should be offered to the masses as well as to the smaller, special interest groups such as the Transgender community.

          • Entercom fired them. Clearly they were not “doing their jobs.”

            • My ex husband was fired in radio many times, none of these firings had anything to do with his job performance nor his ratings. Sometimes thru ignorance society needs to have a sacrificial lamb in order to feel like justice has prevailed. I feel it would be a better choice to allow for redemption and forgiveness. No one has ran over anyone’s kitty, this misunderstanding can serve as an opportunity for growth, understanding and compassion. We can’t just fire people for doing their jobs because we have a different opinion or life experience.. Radio is to entertain, it is not a tool to raise our children or society with. I do not want to be taken as a transgender hater, I have personal experience with the community and I have supported their journey and wish them all the success and respect they deserve. I just hate to see two people lose their jobs because pressure was placed by a special interest group to fire someone that opinion is different than theirs. I say, change the radio station on your dial and follow your passion.

  2. Ha, that will fix them for dissing trans-folk. Maybe the other big mouthed radio jock straps will get the message, “No more transgender jokes allowed”.

  3. Interesting – I have 20+ years experience of doing radio morning shows – I came out as Transgender 2 years ago. I just sent these guys a package – I’ll let you know what (if anything) I hear.

  4. More importantly than a couple of asshats venting their bigotry on air, is that their boss fired them. Money talks and finally the money realises that being transphobic doesn’t pay. I see a chink of light ahead 🙂

  5. Now if we could just fire Fox News…

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