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  1. andraya Williams as a transgender myself I don’t agree with what CPCC Security did and they were dead wrong, but a little advice from 16 years of transitioning please girl get (mental health, medical doctor if you are taking hormones carry letter, and a ID from the NCDMV that shows your gender marker with your gender name on it and carry it with you at all times and wherever you go pull it out and it will end or should end everything right there. I say this because I have two letters I carry, and NCDL and US Passport that state female and show female to protect that from happening. andraya I say this as a sister to another because I know it is hard and on my end where I live my rights have been violated in a different area and no lawyer will help me anywhere and your lucky and I am behind you, and remember you are helping others out here watching. Take care, Sonja C. West

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