North Carolina trans student tells campus police: ‘stop bullying minorities!’

andraya williamsLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — After using a women’s restroom earlier this week at a college in North Carolina, a transgender student found herself surrounded by members of campus security and escorted off campus.

Andraya Williams was then informed by her school, Central Piedmont Community College, that she is suspended until she brought “medical proof” that she is female.

The college did say she can return if she agrees to use only a gender-neutral bathroom. They also said the police action by security was necessary for the safety of the other students.

Williams is asking that the college formally apologizes to her, allow her to use the women’s restroom and update the college’s trans policies.

Williams speaks to the press:


‘In the interest of safety for the other students?’ So, they’re just going to assume we’re dangerous until we produce papers showing that we’re not?

andraya williams


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Read Lexie Cannes in The Huffington Post:


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5 replies

  1. So wrong

  2. When it comes to bathrooms, transphobics yell the loudest. Idiots abound in North Carolina.

  3. This is so wrong. I was forced to strip naked at school and reveal a male body despite identifying as female. This had a grave and adverse effect on my mental health and I considered suicide as a result. I explain it all in this blog, which I’ll warn is very hard-hitting and controversial

    • Thanks for sharing. Good luck to you.

    • It’s impossible to make a trans person wrong, because our brains are so much better at it than anything outside us, even ourselves.

      So, according to the classics, the body forms, and then between the 4th to 7th months you put a brain in it with incomplete wiring or wiring that goes nowhere. Incomplete wiring is phantom limb “inclusion”, and wiring that goes nowhere is “exclusion”. Thus, it might be “Where’s my boobs???” or “Gad, what are these things???”

      It all happens PRE-consciously, whether our decision-making frontal cortex likes it or not, and indeed whether we recognize it or not. And it can’t be changed. Involvement of the BSTc, the cortico-spinal tract, the right putamen (engaged in motion as well as circuits of disgust/love, as well as a few other things like clitoral stimulation), the parietal lobe and SLF, parts of the gyri and frontal cortex; continually generates perceptions that are never gotten used to: a “functional” agnosia exists where those parts of our brains don’t recognize things and don’t remember that we don’t. A constant forgetfulness. Thus, it’s always a surprise, a confusion, a shock, and sometimes eventually a “hate”, because just like in chronic pain, these pathways can be reinforced over time.

      When a perception so generated isn’t interdicted in the frontal cortex it can be passed on to the motor strip; thus, a 4-yr-old “boy” may absent-mindedly attempt self-penectomy. I’ve found myself looking for the “off” button just from standing up, for the whole body, looking momentarily for how to take it off. I also deal with it by “Ur a jackass, ef you, i’ll pull your legbone out and shove it up your” –exemplary of the pain it causes. This is part of why people say “You can’t KNOW what it’s like”, as well as imo being part of late onset and the “death by any cause” that doesn’t level off until 10 yrs after surgery. I think overall it’s improving.

      So I think you reacted in an absolutely understandable manner at that age: it’s not just embarrassing, it’s painful in ways most people will never know or understand. Even so many of us, fully. And even though the “underwear dream” is still one of the top 10 nightmares, it doesn’t express that deep level of pain. To react with “It’s sex abuse!” is apropos for that age, and a feeling that continues beyond it.

      One of the techniques in diagnosis that I hope may be employed is visualization. Regardless of one’s present state, visualization should bring about a feeling of ease. It may be helpful under stressful situations like exams or airports, or helpful at any time, but maybe more so when flummoxed by flibbity-flab fiendacot noonces blarking “take responsibility for your body image and put your leg back on–pancreatic cancer is your own fault!” Yes, it’s a “choice”, just like their circuit of disgust.

      Or maybe good therapy would be a flying dream in your nethers, where you poop on dumbass teachers 🙂

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