Christian college boots trans student from male dorm

Jayce montgomery george fox university 2LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — George Fox University, a Christian college located in a town just south of Portland, Oregon told a currently enrolled trans student that he would not be able to live with other men on campus this fall.

The student, Jayce Montgomery, has since filed a formal discrimination complaint and says the university’s decision made him ‘feel rejected, misunderstood and punished for something I cannot change’ according to KGW-TV.  Jayce is the secretary for the on campus group Black Students Union and Alliance.

In response to a petition started by Jayce’s mother, the university had this to say:  “The university has researched the student’s attorney’s legal claims and believes they are without merit, especially given the religious nature of the university.”

The university also said they were “disappointed in how the situation has escalated.”


They’re disappointed?!! The university heavily markets itself as a premiere academic institution in the Portland, Oregon area. If they are going around squashing trans equality in this very liberal state, they should expect nothing less than a firestorm in response.

Feel free to drop a line as needed:

Robin Baker, President 503-554-2101

Linda Samek, Provost 503-538-8383

Brad Lau, Vice President of Student Life 503-554-2312

Dave Johnstone, Associate Dean of Students, Director of Residence Life 503-554-2315

Bill Buhrow, Dean of Student Services 503-554-2340 bbuhrow@georgefox.ed–253942041.html

Jayce montgomery george fox university


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  1. Has Jayce gotten a leagle gender change designation as male? if so then it is discrimination, however he has not been booted from the school. He can still find alternative living accomidations. Christ himself said “if you are not wanted, wipe your feet and walk away.” I live with this phillosiphy on a daily basis. I would think if he being a Female to Male transseual and still in the process, would not want to draw attention upon himself. This action detracts from all transsexuals. To gain his 15 minuets of fame at the expense of others hurts all of us that just want to live usefull lives.


  1. University plays God card, gets transgender discrimination approval « LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS

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