Marketing savvy trans mayor sells sizable shoe collection to help city

robbie mclaran Stu rasmussenLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Trans Mayor Stu Rasmussen of Silverton, Oregon is no stranger to this space. Rasmussen is the nation’s first openly transgender mayor and in 2012, he was re-elected to a fifth term in office. There is also a musical based on his life. (Rasmussen has no issue with pronouns but usually goes with he/him.)

Rasmussen now wants to unload his significant shoe collection to help buy ‘neat stuff’ for the city. He’s hoping to get a ‘pretty penny’ for what he calls a little bit of authentic American history. His collection runs into the hundreds — all styles and colors.

Rasmussen displays his marketing acumen by promoting the them as “Collector’s items from the nation’s first openly transgender mayor!” The shoes are up on eBay and he sees his shoe surplus as a way of helping the city in this economic downturn.

Recent articles on Stu Rasmussen:


This story was carried by a number of Associated Press outlets.

robbie mclaran Stu rasmussen


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Read Lexie Cannes in The Huffington Post:

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