Trans employee bathroom snafu at McDonalds gets media attention

kaye bowensLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — While facts are few and the conversation devolved to a she said-they said situation, it is clear something happened regarding a transgender employee’s use of a bathroom at a Star City, Arkansas McDonalds.

Kaye Bowens says after months of using the women’s restroom at her place of employ, she was told by a manager she is to be using the men’s room. The next day she was fired she says.

The franchisee, however, made a public statement saying Bowens has not been fired and wishes that the employee would meet and discuss the matter with them. They did not comment further on the incident.

Bowens has filed a complaint with the EEOC and had this to say (to KARK-TV): “I felt offended because I’m like ‘what does what restroom I use have to do with my work ethic?”




If this happened as claimed, it was likely an ignorant middle manager, hence the franchisee insisting the Bowens is still an employee. McDonalds has a track recording of positively addressing transgender related issues.

Other McDonalds-related incidents:

kaye bowens

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4 replies

  1. I hope the middle manager gets fired for employee insubordination. That will leave a clear picture for other aspiring anti-trans middle managers to reflect on. As well as other fast food chain restaurants in the USA.

  2. This sounds familiar. It happened to me too, only it took my employer a little longer to find an excuse to fire me. My case is also through the EEOC.

  3. I knew there was more to the story when it first appeared on Faceless Book . I’m glad I waited to see the whole deal before I commented .

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