Trans hate organizations added to Southern Poverty Law Center’ hate group list

Brad Dacus Gordon KlingenschmittLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — In all, the Southern Poverty Law Center added seven different anti-trans/LGBT organizations to their hate group list. Of these seven, two stand out as being particularly notorious to transgender people.

Brad Dacus’ Pacific Justice Institute was probably the no-brainer addition. Dacus made the headlines when it discovered he fabricated a false and inflammatory incident involving a trans person intending to emotionally sway ignorant people into his camp. Even after being caught, Dacus defended his crime by arguing that transgender equally was a much larger “crime”.

Gordon Klingenschmitt’s The Pray in Jesus Name Project slid into the SPLC’s list, by among other things, insisting a 6-year old trans child was a demon, and that a ‘transgender demon culture exists for the sole purpose of getting into women’s restrooms to rape our daughters.’

The other organizations added to the SPLC’s hate group list are Liberty Counsel, Mission America, Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM), Ruth Institute and Christ the King Church.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a highly regarded and respected hate group monitoring organization.

Brad Dacus:

Gordon Klingenschmitt:

Southern Poverty Law Center:

Brad Dacus Gordon Klingenschmitt


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Read Lexie Cannes in The Huffington Post:

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  1. The KKK now has a false hood of False Christianity



  3. I actually trust nothing the Southern poverty Law Center says is basically a shill for the Democratic Party. And anybody who it disagrees with is a racist, homophobic and hates women. I’m not saying in this instance it is right or wrong. I’m just saying it’s not organization to trust

    • Thanks Linda, for that. Breitbart, well, isn’t much better than FOX News in the area of fair and balanced news coverage. Indeed, the writer of the article is associated with one of the organizations recently added to SPLC’s hate group list and he says so himself (his comment: “Full disclosure: the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, of which I am president, was just placed on SPLC’s hate list for espousing some of these ideas”).

      I’ve no problem watching the watchdogs, but for all the yammering in the article, there isn’t a case made for excluding any of the groups already on the list. He seems to making the case that there are some “liberal” groups that need to be on the list as well.

      • I was just reading the comments on the Breitbart article, and seriously.. it seems as though I jumped into a world full of white supremacist, anti communist fools who talk of free speech, yet would have gladly supported McCarthy back in the day.

  4. I’m surprised “Gender Identity Watch” didn’t make the list, in light of PJI being added. While Klingenschmitt may have called a young trans girl a demon, Brennan worked with Dacus, and publicly outed “Jane Doe”, a minor child; I find that more heinous.

  5. I wonder if their pea-sized brains would explode if they saw /me/…I was born male, but I grew natural female breasts during puberty.


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