Allowing trans personnel in U.S. military finally getting serious traction

Jennifer PritzkerLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Commenting on a study funded by billionaire trans woman and veteran Jennifer Pritzker, researcher and former U.S. surgeon general Dr. Joycelyn Elders stated that there is no compelling reason to continue the ban on trans people in the military.

A summary of the commission’s findings as stated in the Seattle PI:

“We determined not only that there is no compelling medical reason for the ban, but also that the ban itself is an expensive, damaging and unfair barrier to health care access for the approximately 15,450 transgender personnel who serve currently in the active, Guard and reserve components.”

Dr. Elder led the commission that conducted the study. Some of their recommendations for the Commander-In-Chief do not require Congressional action. Numerous other countries already have trans people serving in their military.


This study is a major step forward toward the eventual lifting of the military’s transgender ban. This can’t come too soon for many of us.

Link to the study (SFSU’s Palm Center):

Jennifer Pritzker


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Read Lexie Cannes in The Huffington Post:

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  1. Let’s say that Transgender military service members are allowed to transition while on active duty, and out of that let’s say that from the 16,000 members only around 800 are now in various stages of transition. And out of those 800, maybe 120 have now completed their surgery and have been working in non-combat positions or given a year off to fully recover. The only problem would be the military dress uniform, and their complete M2F or F2M issued uniform. Canada had the same problem, and they solved it, by providing the transitioned M2F service member new female clothing, and specially female dress shoes.

    All of this is not a problem, its just a matter of logistics; and with just a pen stroke all Transgendered individuals should be able to serve, since DADT has been repealed.

  2. Honestly I don’t think there is a true legitimate reason for transgender service men or women. Its just discrimination and that’s all its ever been. I am an intersex veteran, and though many intersex affected people are also barred from service not all are. My intersex diagnosis did not interfere with serving though there were times when questions were asked and testing performed post back injury. All of that information was restricted to medical personnel so it didn’t interfere with deployment or duties and in fact may have helped in .

    And honestly there have been many service men and whom have military service and chose leaving service rather then reenlisting and went on to transition as civilians. Seriously if people are qualified for military careers then the military ought to use those whom have the skills that are needed.

  3. The army or marines kicked out one of my former electrologists because she was intersex.

    • I am not surprised honestly, iI do think that when it comes to being intersex, and military service it really depends on the ability of a soldier to be able to do their duty’s. I am aware of another intersex veteran whom did get kicked out but it wasn’t for being intersex. Got the boot for other issue, bad behavior essentially.


  1. Second transgender studies program surfaces — thanks to transgender billionaire Jennifer Pritzker – LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS

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