New study: Medical bias an enormous toll on health of transgender people

Daphna StroumsaLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — A new study confirms further the huge negative impact discriminatory practices by medical professionals have on the health of trans Americans.

Commenting on her findings, Dr. Daphna Stroumsa, urges that all federally funded medical programs includes sex reassignment surgery.

Stroumsa: “Bias against transgender people takes an enormous toll on their health through direct harm, lack of appropriate care and a hostile environment, and through transgender people’s avoidance of the medical system as a result of discrimination and lack of respect. The medical establishment has a duty, and an ability, to protect transgender patients from such harms.”

Dr. Stroumsa’s research is due to be published in the American Journal of Public Health.


Indeed, a very recent study on transgender suicide indicated that frustration with medical professionals was one of the top triggers.

This research is additional ammunition to help force legislative, administrative and judicial action in the way the medical community treats the trans population.

Stats on suicide triggers:

Stroumsa’s study:

Daphna Stroumsa


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  1. How can it be false if a healthy body can be put in high risk of surviving plus the isolation from society and be exposed decriminalization will be a good factor knowing that that the body are just a ship not permanent ?
    Euthanasia is the future like military selection

  2. so true i am transgender and medicaid will not pay for my 2 patches health care provider is okay with me but so mutch we go through

    • Billie, the researcher is urging Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans benefits be among the federal programs offering SRS. We’ve a ways to go though.

      • While I am unsure of the exact details I will share what I know. I move to the bay area (San Francisco specifically) considering I heard the getting gcs (gender confirmation surgery, also more commonly known as either grs or srs) was going to be covered eventually by Healthy SF. That is the insurance that all San Franciscans have if the are unable to receive any other kind of insurance. While I do not know if it actually covers all the surgeries I do know that insurance does cover both orchiectomies for mtf’s and both mastectomies and hysterectomies for ftm’s. I happen to be one of the fortunate ones that is actually on both medicare and medi-cal with the San Francisco health add on. Now I am not sure what all it covers at this point I do know that it covers all gcs procedures in both women and men. The thing I am not sure about is whether or not it covers mtf breast augmentation and ffs for the women. While I know that the insurance does not cover electrolysis as of yet, the advocate I am in touch said the organization that he works for is working on getting those services reimbursed.

  3. Sadly, this isn’t merely an American problem. This problem is present in Australia too, a lack of health insurance coverage, a lack of medical professionals performing surgeries, a lack of support across the board.

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