(UPDATE – Piers Morgan quits show!) Trans woman Janet Mock vs. tabloid journalist Piers Morgan

JanetMock LaverneCoxLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — UPDATE Feb. 24, 2014: CNN and Piers Morgan announced plans to end his show on the network. Apparently plans has been in the works for a while due to low ratings — no word on whether the sparring with Janet Mock in recent weeks sped up the decision. Morgan may remain with CNN, however. More: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/24/business/media/piers-morgan-and-cnn-plan-end-to-his-prime-time-show.html?_r=0

Original Article: By now, everyone and their cousin has voiced an opinion on the Mock vs. Morgan match. A bell has rung and now it’s the end of round two and it appears to be a draw.

Mock, of course, is the widely known writer and transgender activist and Morgan is a former British tabloid journalist, a sometimes talent show judge and a host of a CNN talk show. Mock appeared on Morgan’s show twice now (initially to promote her book) and she’s less than pleased with the outcomes.

To begin with, the deck is stacked at the CNN studio. The mike is controlled by Morgan and the power of editing (including graphics) resides with Morgan. Even during “live” shows, some bits are pre-recorded and this was actually the case in one of Mock’s appearances. The home court advantage for Morgan is significant.

In addition, most trans people wouldn’t put themselves on the air with a journalist schooled in exploitation. Janet Mock may be among the most qualified to take on Morgan, but even then, the best she could hope for is a draw.

Not unexpectedly, genitals were brought up and ‘man’ was thrown around a bit — especially on a graphic. Mock made points for the trans community, but Morgan pulled the battered host bit. In once panel discussion that followed, sans trans representation, it was a trans people a smack down, save for one panelist. The fight carried over to social media which drummed up a good deal of publicity for both sides.

I’m calling the whole thing thus far a wash. Mock may have sold a few books, but I’m not so sure as a whole, the trans community gained anything. I hope Mock is able to get better venues to promote her book, but I do understand the difficulty of getting them in the first place, hence the decision to take on Piers Morgan.


Here’s another view by Kara Tucker — one that prompted me to write-up my own:
Kara In The World: La, La, La Means I’m Not Listening To You.

JanetMock LaverneCox


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3 replies

  1. I posted an article about this after a conversation I had with a transgender friend, this is just an opinion so don’t think I’m trying to offend anyone


  2. The preceding post written by a penis (in accordance with projected Utah law) is a concocted vignette emphasizing the penis’s fear of homosexuality by portraying a fake trans woman making a real trans woman look disingenuous by projecting the “need-to-know” scenario in sexual or romantic relationships. Sadly, the penis was never a “man” when it was growing up, so it doesn’t know the difference between someone saying they themselves were once a “boy” and someone else claiming they used to be a “man”–and such conversations will soon be against Utah law because people fighting their own pedophilic fears don’t know the difference between penises and “men”, because all people look the same until you’re down there.
    IOW, IM(ever-so)HO, the link is a gaslight blurb done out of fear and insecurity, as a political agenda, or just for hits, and isn’t worth a look.
    Travel at your own pace, but don’t say I didn’t warn ya ’bout the dog poop.

  3. An other order of the power man generation ?
    Exploitation and exploration of ….

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