Transgender hate mongerer Bryan Fischer does “science”

Bryan Fischer hateLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Acknowledged hate group leader Rev. Bryan Fischer hopped on the coattails of FOX News’ Keith Ablow’s ‘transgender isn’t real’ proclamation with a bit of “science” of his own:

“Who are the people operating in the realm of science? Well, it’s us because we know you’re either male or female by DNA assigned to them at the moment of conception by a creator God who doesn’t make those kind of mistakes.”

The American Family Association’s Fischer said this last Friday. He also said:

“If we embrace the truth that we find in the Scriptures, that you are either male or female, DNA does lie, anatomy doesn’t lie, and you take authority over any lie that comes into your mind, then you eventually will be thinking straight about your sexual identity. So we’re the ones that are operating in the realm of science here.”


Huh? Ok.

This goes to show how ignorance on network TV (FOX News) is a catalyst  for hate mongering opportunists operating on the fringe (American Family Association). Without FOX News, Bryan Fischer would be nowhere.

A recent article about Fischer demonizing a trans kid:

Keith Ablow:

Fischer does “science”:

From Wiki: AFA is listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as of November 2010 for the “propagation of known falsehoods” and the use of “demonizing propaganda” against LGBT people.

Bryan Fischer hate


Here’s a transgender feature film that I’d be honored if you watched: “Lexie Cannes”   

LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS is associated with Wipe Out Transphobia:

Read Lexie Cannes in The Huffington Post:

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  1. Unbelievable! So, if a baby is born with a hole in his heart, it’s what God “meant”? Or babies with a cleft palate so severe that they can’t even eat– is that what God “meant”? I guess none of those parents should dare consider surgery for their babies since God doesn’t make “mistakes”. I guess we don’t even need Doctors for that matter!

    What century is this again?

  2. This is like the science of snuffing out witchcraft. If she dies, she wasn’t a witch. I am sure he was one of the brightest minds in his homeschool. All we get from Fox News is junk history and junk science

  3. is this the year 1200 or the year 2014?

    his god doesn’t make mistakes? oh, so when his god allows a pedophile to rape and murder a child, that’s perfectly okay and all part of god’s divine plan, huh?

    • The felony for granddad raping his grandson in Kentucky is less than if someone else does it, which makes sense being as the old ways are best. And there seems to be a religious basis to it:
      Brooke Axtell: “My first experience of victim-blaming occurred when I was raped at the age of 7. While my perpetrator assaulted me, he blamed me for his actions and told me I had to be punished for my sins. He was my nanny at that time and a student at a conservative Christian seminary in Dallas. He essentially used the theology of original sin as the justification for his actions. Since I was born “evil,” he concluded that I deserved to be abused. This was also his rationale when he forced me into sex-trafficking.

      I’ve spoken extensively with other women who were trafficked in the U.S. Some have shared that the johns they encountered used a similar kind of religious language.”

      And I’m pretty sure “Scripture” mentioned genetics and Fischer when Jesus said, “Do not let thy DNA lie with an ass”.

  4. Smells like Rev. Brian Fischey science to me.
    Just look at the two of them, Twittle Dee and Twittle Dum. What do you know? Fox scum.
    Heh, we used to make fun of the Communist Block Propaganda. But now we have the Fox Fascist Propaganda Bureau in our own country. Our founding fathers must be turning in their graves.

  5. In Bryan Fischer’s case, you cannot labotomize something that is not there. Boy, did God screw up on him!!!

  6. So my question to this genius ( Fisher ) is what should we do with what is. There is no point to debate this with him, there is no point in it at all, one could only wish that he had a child of his own with this.


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