Trans woman murdered in Belize City

joseph-sanchez prince joeLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — After supposedly being held up at knife point and giving the men everything they wanted, a popular trans woman was stabbed to death in Belize City on Jan. 12th. One news account stated she used the name Prince Joe. (She was found wearing women’s clothes so I’m addressing her as a female.)

The police have camera footage of the incident and are unsure why the she was killed, especially since she cooperated with the men. They have no leads or suspects.

The United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBA)’s Caleb Orozco stated: “Based on our chat across the community that he was presumed to be a woman and when it was found that he was not a woman, he was stabbed in the chest . . .” The group says the incident is a hate crime.

In the Patrick Jones Belize website, there was this additional statement: “UNIBAM calls on the Belizean public to “let us refuse to allow this heinous crime to go silent,” asking people to “talk about it and how we don’t want to live in a Belize where someone can be murdered for the kind of clothes they wear.”

Transvestite stabbed to death – The Guardian Newspaper.

joseph-sanchez prince joe


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