FOX News’ Keith Ablow: ‘no such thing as transgender people’

keith ablow transphobicTHE LEXIE CANNES REPORT — FOX News delivered another humiliating and transphobic smack down of transgender people on the network’s website. This time it was correspondent Dr. Keith Ablow (as reported in Media Matters):

“I don’t see anything but toxicity from the notion of a person with female anatomy feeling free to use the urinal in the boys’ rest room while a boy stands next to her and uses one, too.” . . .

I don’t believe we have definitive data (although many psychiatrists with very impressive credentials, who seem to mean well, assert that we do) that any male or female soul has ever in the history of the world been born into the wrong anatomic gender.

Let me put that more clearly: I am not convinced by any science I can find that people with definitively male DNA and definitively male anatomy can actually be locked in a cruel joke of nature because they are actually female.”


Never mind that Dr. Ablow’s area of expertise does not include trans matters, or that his claims have been throughly debunked, but the real danger here is the tens of thousands of transgender kids that continues to be harmed by the cast of FOX News.

Reasonable people, it would seem, would want to back themselves with a truckload of solid scientific research before contributing further to the current, woefully high, transgender suicide attempt rate.


An article I wrote last year about FOX News transphobia was our readers most read story in 2013:

Debunking Ablow:

Tip of the hat to Laurelai Bailey.

keith ablow transphobic


Here’s a transgender feature film that I’d be honored if you watched: “Lexie Cannes”   

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT is associated with Wipe Out Transphobia:

Read Lexie Cannes in The Huffington Post:

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18 replies

  1. Dear Dr. Ablowhard,
    Either you must be a FOX pundit stooge, or you purchased your medical degree with the rubber stethoscope and plastic thermometer Junior Doctor set at Walmart.

  2. No, wait, on second thought you are in both categories.


  4. I always find men with hyper-masculine appearances say stuff like that… and their appearance is likely indicative of their own fear of dealing with a feminine side they can’t deal with.

  5. After reading this, I am “not convinced” that Keith Ablow is real… 😉

    Seriously though, I am always puzzled and a bit disappointed when apparently intelligent people come out with this kind of nonsense. Ablow was educated at some of the top medical schools in the US, and has undoubtedly had a successful career (conventionally, at least). Then again, he did also say that the Florida movie theatre shooting was more down to an abundance of mobile phones than an abundance of guns; and that watching Chaz Bono on Dancing with the Stars would turn unhappy kids into transgender kids:

    So he may be intelligent in some ways, but he’s as mad as a box of frogs in many others. Probably best to file him under ‘ignore’.

  6. it would seem that the good doctor has not been keeping up with medical journals and the latest research as he should,I would recommend that he spends more time reading and less time pontificating

  7. After reading the thoughts and words of Dr. Keith Ablow, I am convinced that some humans have a pea sized brain. And still don’t ue it to it’s full capacity.

  8. Keith Ablow is an idiot.

  9. These people on Fox News are really sick. What are their parents like and what was their environment like when they grew up, to cause them to be this way? You would hope that as these people get older they would loss these delusions and take a more useful and realistic view of the world. Apparently not.

  10. he talks about definitive data and souls in the one sentence. that says enough about his views as far as im concerned

  11. can we have a link to the source material for this article?

  12. None of this should be filed under “ignore”. Two long posts at YouTube delineating the history and aspects of neurological studies concerning trans (one in response to the old Berger post that showed him to be lying about the science) were “excised”, leaving only the rabble rouser’s assertions. They were at different sites, one at “Living A Transgender Childhood”, the other at “What Would You Do?: Father Confronts Transgender Child Shopping For Prom”; both by the ABC Network.
    Removing these posts showing the neurological basis of trans, including the connection to EDCs with a publication by the National Institute of Health and the warning by the World Health Organization, could only have been done by a moderator as a denial of freedom of speech and the cover up of a known cause in favor of jingoism, the repetition of lies, and the fermentation of accusatorial denigration to keep from the American people the reality that their government, their institutions, and their news sources are culpable in knowingly poisoning their children before birth–obviously a State secret of national security proportions.
    As evidence of this collusion, I point to Facebook and Google being the latest to kiss the pope’s ring at ALEC, the failure of the FBI to investigate the cyber terrorism of a foreign power as reported by when they claimed Monsanto hired Blackwater to hack them, and Obama’s “fast track” of a bill that will give monopolies to manufacturers of GMOs.

    In short, they will sell anyone affected down the river to keep the public from knowing.

  13. So if think that you are born into the wrong body, then you are acknowledging that you have a soul that is separate from the body. If you believe in the soul, then you have to acknowledge the existence of GOD. You then have to ask yourself if GOD is so powerful and capable of creating your soul, then is it possible for HIM to make a mistake? Answer = NO. HE does give you more than you can handle so that you will cry out to HIM for help. When you finally do HE is there. I also believed this lie about mythical transgenderism. It’s a lie, and there is no peace in it. It’s hard to turn away, but well worth it. GOD bless.


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