The LEXIE CANNES feature film DVD store

lexiecannesdvdTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — This is mostly a housekeeping task — not an attempt to sell anything here (but you’re welcome to buy if you’d like!). I’m migrating most of the “Lexie Cannes” feature film data from the film’s original website to a new WordPress-based site here:

One of the difficulties in doing this is the transferring of keywords and tags, hence the purpose of this post. So, here it goes . . .

Information on the transgender-themed feature film “Lexie Cannes” can be found at the LEXIE CANNES feature film DVD store.

Film reviews, awards and film festival information can be found there as well.

The “Lexie Cannes” tag line: A story about a deaf transgender woman who is stalked, solves a mystery, saves a lost soul and finds love.

The “Lexie Cannes” trailer can be viewed here:

Watch LEXIE CANNES right now:

Or get the DVD:   



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