GOP official calls respected Hawaiian icon a ‘drag queen’

Hina Wong-KaluTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — In Hawaii, a leader of a right-wing group took a pot shot at trans woman Hina Wong-Kalu — a person who is considered a Hawaiian cultural icon.

The president of Hawaii Republican Assembly, Tito Montes, made his remarks about Wong-Kalu during an ongoing controversy regarding sex education in some of Hawaii’s schools.

Wong-Kalu appeared in a video skit educating kids about the risk of HIV and Montes thought the skit was too graphic and vented (from Hawaii News Now): “[the video skit] is the video short story of a transvestite drag queen who wears lipstick, eye liner, a dress, a padded bra and earrings”.

Wong-Kalu: “To utilize words transvestite and drag queen in any political debate is taking a cheap shot.”

One report noted that Wong-Kalu has little to do with the controversy but became a target of Monte’s anyway.

At this writing, the sex education controversy is unresolved but background about it can be found here:

Hawaii News Now:

Hina Wong-Kalu


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