Border cops in Israel arrested after attack on trans woman

israeli border copsTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — A trans woman leaving a Tel Aviv night club was attacked by group of masked men using pepper spray and a stun gun. Police officers eventually arrested 11 men — most members of Israel’s Border Police. The woman was not severely injured according to Ynet News. The men were placed under 5-day house arrest.

There is some question of whether the attack was a transphobic incident or a random prank, however, LGBT officials in the country insisted that trans people are a prime target for violence and the offenders should face hate crime charges.


Prank or not, to the woman, this was mob violence against her — a particularly ugly kind of cowardice exhibited by these men. The least we should see here is termination of their law enforcement careers. They’re not fit to serve their country.


The earlier reports I saw were sketchy or the translation was poor. My thanks to Yisha Garbasz for bringing this English version to my attention.,7340,L-4472951,00.html

israeli border cops


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