Hate group leader; Christian radio host rants about ‘Satanic, freak’ trans people

Peter LaBarbera hateTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — After being handed an open mike on a Christian radio talk show this week, Peter LaBarbera didn’t hold back. The president of the hate group Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, spewed verbal hatred directed at a large part of the population, including targeting a few high-profile names like Robin Roberts and Michelle Obama, but he was especially cruel with trans people:

“It just gets worse and worse, Vic [host]. Transgender advocacy are people who believe that their biological sex, male or female, doesn’t match what they feel. I’ll tell you what Vic, Satan really works through feelings, doesn’t he?”

The host of the Voice of Christian Youth radio show, Vic Eliason, later added his thoughts:

“You know, Peter, years and years ago the old-fashioned circus used to have a display in some kind of a cage or a display factor that had a ‘bearded lady’ as a freak. Today we don’t even have to worry about that, it will be happening in your department stores, it will be happening in the public school, the issue of cross-dresses and transvestites and all of this type of thing certainly is what you’re talking about.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center has classified the Americans for Truth about Homosexuality a hate group.


As I add these people to The Guerrilla Angel Report database, the word “youth” in the radio show’s name reminded me again how this cycle of hatred is passed on from generation to generation.



Peter LaBarbera hate


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THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT is associated with Wipe Out Transphobia: http://www.wipeouttransphobia.com/

Read Lexie Cannes in The Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/courtney-odonnell/

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  1. I would think that these guys, if they were 20 at the time of Adolf Hitler’s reign, would fit right in with the German SS Gestapo reporting directly to Himmler. It shit like this that will cause Right Wing Radical Christianity to be declared as anti-social and branded as a dangerous terrorist cult, just like the Al Qaida has become. It’s a shame that the Christian Radio lets these dimwits on the air, but then again lying ilk like Rush Limburger have paved the way.


  3. Thanks for the comments everyone!

  4. In my opinion, every time one of these hate mongers gets onto the radio, television, or internet, there should be such an uprising of voices against what they are saying. That they get the message, that their kind of propaganda will not be tolerated. This HAS TO happen every time, or the transgender community will never be more than the “hanger on” group of the L.G.B.T. movement.

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