UPDATE — Bob Newhart cancels gig with transphobic organization!

bob-newhart conan o'brienTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — (UPDATE Dec. 19, 2013: Bob Newhart cancels gig with transphobic organization. More below. This a great turnabout and an indicator of the strength of the trans community!)

Last week [Four years ago!] Conan O’Brien did a “trannie” skit on his show that was way over the line (see photo below). The mocking of trans people like this in popular culture results in real harm — and death — for us. O’Brien really needs to get on board with 21st century realities on all things transgender. Own up to this blunder, Conan, and we’ll let you off the hook. It looks like I made a blunder as well. This incident actually occurred in 2009, so I’m letting Conan off the hook. That said, the source article below is a beautifully written piece on how pop culture icons can hurt the trans community. Equally valid today as in 2009. (Thanks to those of you that brought the date to my attention!)

The case of Bob Newhart is more problematic. He’s been scheduled to headline a conference being organized by anti-trans/LGBT group — this is something beyond mere mocking, its involvement with an organization that has set out to deliberately bring harm to trans and LGBT people. Intentionally short cutting our civil rights and recklessly disregarding our safety is transphobic behavior.  Legatus has also invited ex-presidential candidate Rick Santorum to speak at their event. Santorum’s name alone sums up what Legatus is all about.

Newhart, a 50-year TV veteran and a recent Emmy Award winner for a guest appearance on the Big Bang Theory, has reportedly been approached by LGBT organizations with hopes of being able to persuade him to change his mind, but at this writing there has been no announcements.

I surely hope Newhart doesn’t end his career on a needless sour note.


UPDATE – Dec. 19, 2013: Bob Newhart cancels gig with Legatus: From Towleroad:

Message on Bob Newhart’s Twitter account notes that the TV icon has canceled a scheduled appearance headlining an annual summit for the anti-LGBT Legatus Group alongside Rick Santorum and Bill Donohue.

Newhart tweeted:

Upcoming Bob Newhart Tour Date Change — Bob will not be performing at the Legatus Summit in Orlando FL on February 6

No explanation was offered for the cancellation.

GLAAD writes:

There was no further statement given. However, it is possible that Newhart, like many people were unaware that Legatus was such a rabid anti-LGBT organization. The organization was created by former Domino’s Pizza CEO, Thomas Monaghan, for Roman Catholic businesspeople, and membership is only available to top level executives…

…Two petitions were created, asking Newhart to reconsider his gig with Legatus. One, created by Faithful America, got about 17K sigs calling on Newhart to cancel his Legatus gig. The other was created on Change.org by a transgender comic and former Roman Catholic, who also asked Newhart to back out of the summit.



More on O’Brien: http://www.feministe.us/blog/archives/2009/08/19/conan-o%E2%80%99brien-attacks-trans-women/

Newhart: Comic Bob Newhart Headlining Anti-Gay Legatus ConferenceNewNowNext.


bob-newhart conan o'brien



Here’s a transgender feature film that I’d be honored if you watched: “Lexie Cannes” http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0963781332   Or via PayPal: http://www.lexiecannes.com/id13.html

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Read Lexie Cannes in The Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/courtney-odonnell/

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5 replies

  1. There are other shows that use trans-folk in a negative way. We’re used for an easy joke. While comedians and show hosts tell us to lighten up, they themselves are careful of using Afro-americans, and Hispanics as the target subject of their comedy. The reason is because there’s lots of legal service money that can be used against the transgressing phobic entertainment people. I personally take it as an affront to myself when I hear another transgender joke.

  2. I agree Brenda, I used to laugh a lot of it away, but not anymore — far too many deaths in the community to keep glossing it over. Thanks for all your comments!

  3. Great to see that Bob Newhart cancelled; let’s hope it was because of conscience and not pressure. I have always admired him and his comedy, he never needed a cheap gimmick to bring across his humor.

    Thank you, Bob!

  4. I am late to the party and it makes me feel so happy to see a trans community. And to see that community stand up for their rights. I have a trans child and when she was born I recognized the differences. Long story short straight and gay people have made her life a living hell. I love you all.

    What about Peter Berg from Big Bang and what he posted about Caitlyn Jenner? White male privilege makes him think and talk that way..


  1. UPDATE — Bob Newhart cancels gig with transphobic organization! - DeaFeed

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