Defense attorney: ‘trans victim not in the higher end of the community’

AmandaGonzalez-AndujarTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — At the sentencing hearing for Rasheen Everett following his conviction of murdering NYC trans woman Amanda Gonzalez-Andujar, defense attorney John Scarpa argued that the victim was a lessor human being:

“A sentence of 25 years to life is an incredibly long period of time judge. Shouldn’t that be reserved for people who are guilty of killing certain classes of individuals?  Who is the victim in this case? Is the victim a person in the higher end of the community?”

The judge in the case didn’t buy the argument. Queens Supreme Court Justice Richard Buchter handed down a 29-year sentence for Everett.

Buchter: “This court believes every human life in sacred, it’s not easy living as a transgender, and I commend the family for supporting her.”

Gonzalez-Andujar was strangled in her NYC apartment in 2010. Everett was arrested in Las Vegas 2 weeks later and was convicted last month:


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11 replies

  1. I know many attorneys who would severely disagree with that slime ball defense attorney, John Scarpa. He should be put on trial for being a public asshole.


  3. Thankfully the judge in this case had some common sense.

    The lawyer should be disbarred.

  4. Lawyers will say anything to protect their client, I believe it’s their duty. As long as judges such as this one show basic common sense and decency, those defense arguments will fall on deaf ears. Eventually those attorneys will stop if the argument is ineffective.

  5. All praise Justice Richard Buchter! May Amanda now rest a little easier in her peace.

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone!

  7. Calling peoples lives more important than other peoples lives is pure fashism

  8. Thanks for sharing, i didn’t think defence Attorney Montgomery AL is be very professional or quality of skills and plenty of experince to solve all the type of cases.


  1. Judges hand down tough, lengthy sentences to brutal attackers of trans people | THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT by Lexie Cannes

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