Student group, Pissed Off Trans* People, ‘degender’ campus bathrooms, face fines

Wesleyan universityTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — In October, a group of transgender students at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, were charged with illegally replacing campus bathroom gender signs.  The typical “male” or “female” signs were replaced with “all gender bathroom” signs. A disciplinary hearing was scheduled for December 4th (yesterday) and the group faced over $5,000 in fines. [As of this writing I’ve been unable to find out what transpired at this hearing.]

One news reports states that there is no evidence linking the group to the deeds, but because of their visibility and involvement in the campus trans and LGBT community, they were targeted by the university administration.

Some of the replaced bathroom signs included a manifesto which called for the university to desegregate campus bathrooms and yield respect to trans students.

The names of the students involved have not been reported.

Read the manifesto, written under the name Pissed Off Trans* People, here:


I’d say more power to them for bringing attention to their needs. Likewise, if there is no evidence, they should not be charged with criminal activities.

Wesleyan university


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THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT is associated with Wipe Out Transphobia:

Read Lexie Cannes in The Huffington Post:

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  1. I live here in CT. We supposedly have legal rights that allow us to use the bathrooms according to our transitioned gender. The problem seems to stem from an issue posed by the transgender group that there remains a chance of hostility towards them if they use the bathroom of their choice, whereas if they had gender neutral bathrooms they wouldn’t be subject to harm by other student patrons. That could well be the issue here. These students must have received flack from other non-transgender students who have sour issues of the trans-person being there. Transgender popularity and acceptance seems to wane in the minds of the student body. At issue is the fact that female employees at work establishments and students in school seem to resent trans-folk in their bathrooms regardless of what the law says on the issue. Myself and other F2M trans-folk I know have run into this problem at the workplace. Ultimately, the management should come down on the side of the trans-folk and tell the cis gendered females to take a hike. But that’s not always the issue. Management thinks the easy answer is to make a gender neutral bathroom elsewhere in the building that may pose a discomfort to the trans-person regarding easy access when going to that gender neutral room.
    Many establishments have made gender neutral bathrooms along side of their gender segregated bathrooms. It comes down to $$$$ spent to do this. So they are in fact telling the trans-folk to take a long hike to their gender neutral bathroom.

    • I will add to this, the fact that all public retail and restaurant establishments here in CT make no qualms about who can and who can’t use a gender segregated bathroom regarding its usage by a trans-person. So the issue must be dealt with employers to allow trans-folk to use the bathroom of their choice without any hassle.

  2. which is why public accommodations language in any trans human rights law is exceedingly important…

  3. It is a cool action. I hope there will be more actions like this.

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