[UPDATED] Colorado school board member: castration before transgender student equality

katherine svensonTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — [UPDATE — Dec. 7, 2013: Board member Kathy Svenson says there’s no such thing as transgender people and vows to keep pushing for schools to ignore court rulings. See below.]

A Colorado television station’s inquiry into a Delta County School Board meeting confirmed that a board member last month called for the castration of transgender students if the district is to adopt California-style transgender student equality policies.

Board member Katherine Svenson: “I would like to pass out something that shows people what is going on in the rest of the country. Massachusetts and California have passed laws relating to calling a student, irrespective of his biological gender, letting him perform as the gender he thinks he is, or she is.

I just want to emphasize, not in this district. Not until the plumbing’s changed. There would have to be castration in order to pass something like that around here.”

Svenson recently told NewsChannel 5, (KREX-TV) that she is standing behind her statements even though many people in the district are upset with her.

Assistant superintendent Kurt Clay says the district is “absolutely not” considering a castration policy.


UPDATE — Dec. 7, 2013: Board member Kathy Svenson says there’s no such thing as transgender people and vows to keep pushing for schools to ignore court rulings.

From The Associated Press:

” . . . Kathy Svenson told The Associated Press on Friday that transgender boys would pose a serious safety risk to girls in girls locker rooms, and allowing transgender girls into a boys locker room would raise privacy issues.

Svenson, 73, is in the second year of her four-year term but said she won’t run for re-election because she would like to start her own school where she believes laws regarding transgender and homosexual students wouldn’t apply.

Svenson said she doesn’t believe there is such a thing as people who are transgender, the Denver Post reported. Svenson said they are simply confused. . . .



I believe this woman doesn’t belong on any school board — either in this century or the last.

California’s trans student equality bill: https://lexiecannes.wordpress.com/2013/07/04/updated-californias-trans-equality-in-k-12-schools-bill-on-gov-browns-desk/

More on Katherine Svenson: http://www.krextv.com/news/around-the-region/School-Official-Sparks-Controversy-Over-Transgender-Comments-232958221.html

katherine svenson

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27 replies

  1. castrate a transman? how?

  2. Pretty horrid. But not shocking. A lot of people can accept a trans person who has been corrected and who obviously looks acts and dresses in a fairly rigid stereotype for there proclaimed gender. Not so many are accepting of something less. In fact, I suspect more than a few people on that board and in that district more or less feel the same. I have had this a lot in my life.

  3. Get her off the school board NOW (and, then, make her attend sensitivity training.)

    • I would donate money for her recall from the school board. In the next election I would donate money to the people who running against her. I find her ridiculous at best. But she is allowed to have ridiculous and stupid opinions. One should not make somebody go to a brainwashing class. Before you know it they will make you go to one because of your beliefs. This smells of fascism are Marxist reeducation camps just an opinion

    • And science classes!

  4. she needs to see a doctor

  5. Am I reading this wrong? “There would have to be castration in order to pass something like that around here.”

    I say go ahead and castrate her and let’s get on with the transgender student equality policies!

    As for the “plumbing” changes, I’d suggest they add more stalls! There is always a line in the ladies’ room!

    • I would suggest a lobotomy as well, assuming that there is any gray matter to work with.

    • I think she meant people’s biological plumbing.

    • But what about the privacy of the boys standing at the urinals?. Don’t they have rights to privacy? If the child was a boy but really feels like a girl he would most likely have a sexual tendency for boys, wouldn’t he? Yes, absolutely possible. If that is the case then would you want to allow all girls to use boy’s bathrooms and showers?

      On the other hand, if the boy to girl transgender child still had the organs of a boy, would not he/she have the hormones and therefore the inclination for sexual activity with girls? Yes, absolutely possible. So would you allow all boys to shower with girls?

      Do you see my point? We have always separated boys from girls in bathrooms and showers for good reason: to avoid sexual activity between the sexes, to avoid sexual predation and to insure modesty between the sexes to avoid unwanted stimulation or feelings of embarrassment.

      Considering the mater further, yes, in the case of a boy to girl situation, it would be logically correct to remove a boy’s external genitalia to make the process factually (putting aside genetics) complete.

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone.

  7. idk why we cant just have gender neutral bathrooms in schools to begin with. like.. with actual walls and doors with working locks.. hmm..

  8. OK, you old COW! Give M2F kids STATE-FUNDED orchiectomies. You’d be doing the Trans kids a big favor if they wanted it 🙂 🙂

  9. im down with lgbt life… i even love to dress up.. BUT.. the lady is right.. its a matter of details and honesty here.. how many lesbians in here want people with penis’s in the bathroom with them.. Gay men? how many of you want vaginas in your face in mens room? Lady’s who take their children in the bathroom who have never seen such a thing before.. how many of you want a tranny dick swinging in the lady’;s room right by their innocent little faces..? isnt that why most mommy’s take their children to the lady’s room with them? to keep them safe as well as to properly teach them how to use the restroom? ive said it before.. you can get boobs, and play dress up all day.. you can wear make up and do your hair.. ill probably even be WAY attracted to ya.. but.. until you actuall HAVE a sex change you are just playing dress up and have no busniness in the lady’s room.. period..

  10. Who even thinks about swinging their dick in the faces of innocent strangers in a restroom? It is perverts like you who “love to dress up” and then go swinging your bits in people’s faces that are the problem, not trans people!

    The last thing that any rational person with non conforming genitalia wants to do is expose themselves. Trans men are not women in pants, trans women are not men in dresses, we are people miss-assigned at birth but now living the life right for us. We don’t want to be men/women, we just are. And sometimes we need a place to pee.

    Or maybe just hide from pursuing assholes like you!


  1. Izzoiz.com | Scumbag: School Board Member Says Trans Students should be ‘castrated’ before being allowed to use restrooms.

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