LA Fitness boots trans woman from female locker room

Yanel ValenzuelaTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — A transgender woman was booted from the female’s locker room at LA Fitness center in Montclair, California after she asked for workout advice catered for a trans woman.

Although Yanel Valenzuela showed the manager her driver’s license which indicate she was female, Valenzuela was told she no longer was allowed in the female locker room.

Valenzuela said she’s stressed over the incident which includes being humiliated in front of other people at the center.

According to KCAL, LA Fitness management has not made any comments on the matter.


A driver’s license that says “F” and she’s booted anyway? Somebody has a lot of explaining to do. Expect a huge apology from LA Fitness’ CEO within days.


Yanel Valenzuela


Here’s a transgender feature film that you’d be honored to watch, “Lexie Cannes”:   Or via PayPal:

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT is associated with Wipe Out Transphobia:

Read Lexie Cannes in The Huffington Post:

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7 replies

  1. This is humiliating and extremely unfair. She should sue.

  2. Not only the ‘F’ moniker, but post-op! Such gross behavior needs to be awarded gross damages to teach the manager a lesson!

  3. So where exactly do they think she should change for her workout? The men’s locker room?! Some effed-up “separate but equal” locker room? Some bullshit. We should start a meme campaign that just reads TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN and TRANS MEN ARE MEN. This is so simple but it seems like few people get it.

  4. What is next ? Boot out lesbians because they are attracted to other women ?

  5. Trans women are not women. Transwomen are transwomen. Please don’t be confused. Trans women dont bleed monthly and cannot bare children. Transwomen will never know what it feels like to have a baby feed and grow from them. Transwomen will never go through a natural menapause… I could go on…. I don’t think it fair that she got kicked out but I know as a biological and open-minded women I would feel some kind of way if they let men who dressed as women or claimed they were women in the dressing room. What is it to stop any man from doing that. I would also feel uncomfortable if a transman came in the female dressing room. Not sure how to solve. Trans women are just that Trans wome,

    • You are right Elle, and while you are excluding humans-how about the females who have never “baby feed and grow from them”-or were born without a uterus or go through very few natural menopause’s. Sounds like you think the questionnaire for acceptance had better be expanded quite a bit.
      Yes, Elle, you are right-“Trans women are just that-Trans women.” But don’t forget many females do not ever achieve the “woman” status at all. And those females should be excluded too.

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