121 of the Fortune 500 companies cover trans health care

jamisongreenTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Back in 2002, no employer in the Fortune 500 offered transgender health care benefits according to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). Now there are 121 employers in this group that offer some kind of transgender care — up nearly 20% from last year.

The huge turnaround from zero to 121 in 11 years might have much to do with HRC’s policy of grading companies based on the inclusion of health benefits for transgender/LGBT employees as well as businesses making changes on their own in order to remain competitive.

Major strides made by trans people recently in the court system and legislative arena hugely impacted decisions towards policy updating. Awareness in society by more trans people taking charge of their future played a part.

But not all transgender benefits are created equal. The benefits vary among the 125 and the co-pays can be considerable. Some companies don’t care to publicize the fact they offer transgender benefits.


While we are on a good track here, we have to remember, tens of thousands of employers offer no benefits at all. Medicare and Medicaid does not cover SRS. The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) doesn’t require SRS coverage. Indirectly however, plans that receive federal money may ultimately have to provide the benefit. In this case, only time will tell.

Compiled from The Associated Press and The Washington Post.





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  1. so who are they??


  3. Now if we could get Medicare to cover surgery.

  4. In March of this year, CMS started a review of their current policy of excluding coverage of SRS by Medicare and Mediciad. The last time CMS looked at covering SRS was in 1982, where they ruled that they would not cover SRS because they had determined that it was experimental surgery. A lot has changed since then. All reputable medical and mental health associations have issued resolutions stating that SRS is not experimental, is an effective form of treatment and that SRS should be covered by health insurance. In addition, the IRS has also ruled that SRS is not an experimental procedure and therefore is a tax deductable medical expense. Given these facts, one would have to think that CMS would likely change their current policy of excluding coverage of SRS. However, it is possible that CMS could cave under politcal preasure from the right wing to contine the current policy, but I hope not. As I understand it, there are also currently 2 lawsuits pending that are challenging the current CMS SRS surgery policy. Back in 1982, many health insurance companies did cover SRS, but dropped coverage after CMS ruled that it was an experimental surgery. we can hope that many health insurance providers would foolow suit and once again start covering SRS.

    I really hope that CMS will do the right thing and change their policy and start covering SRS surgeries. since I’m disabled and on Medicare, such a change would make a huge difference in my life by making it possible to at long last realize my dream and to complete my transition.


  1. Corporate America passes transgender equality tipping point | LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS

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