Anti-trans group admits it made up Colorado student harassment story

cristanwilliamsTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — You’ve seen the story earlier this week — ‘a trans student harasses girls in the locker room of a Colorado high school’ — when it went nearly viral on social media.

When I first saw it, I took a quick at the source — FOX News sourced to a leading tabloid, UK’s Daily Mail. That was my cue to move on to other things — things with an actual chance of being factual.

However, Cristan Williams, a writer on trans issues, did take the time investigate the claims being made and blew the story wide open — she proved it was completely false. Williams stated in TransAdvocate she believes the hate group — Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) has admitted to making up this claim.

Now, Zack Ford of ThinkProgress, is also saying the trans hate group, Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), admits to making the entire story up.

Ford: “. . . as far as PJI is concerned, it doesn’t matter if the transgender student actually did anything to harass these girls. Simply by entering the girls’ locker room, she was “inherently intimidating and harassing” the other girls who use it.”

The story initially gain traction after an anti-trans and LGBT Christian media site got a hold of the PJI statement and published it. Neither FOX News or the Daily Mail attempted to confirm the story as factual. In fact, Bill O’Reilly did a ‘I told you this would happen’ segment on his show blasting trans equality shortly after FOX New’s reporting of this bogus story.

Some of the sites have reportedly retracted their stories. I’m not so sure about FOX News at this point.


I’m not surprised at all how low some hate groups will go. But least they know they’re being monitored and news media sites — even tabloids — may not be so gullible the next time around.

Cristan Williams:

Zack Ford:

More on FOX News’ reporting of this story:



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  1. Reblogged this on In the Eyes of Mika and commented:
    This has got to stop!

  2. “shock and surprise”, something fixnews reported is incorrect.

    I dare them to report something about me.

  3. Please note that the “inherently intimidating and harassing” statement is from the pen of noted radical feminist and TERF Cathy Brennan.

  4. What’s amazing is that whether or not the story is erroneous
    and filed by a known anti-TG hate monger, there’ll be a significant number of anti-TG people or people who know nothing about being TG will believe it and cast their political views accordingly. The TG organizations should file liable suits against the culpable media that aired the lie and the liar that said it. Take the NAACP. They would never let anyone disparage the Afro-American race and get away with doing so without massive law suits being levied against the prejudiced perps. We need that type of clout, To let the world know that we’re not letting the assholes get away with it.

  5. We need to find a way to get *our* narratives – and a large collection of narratives at that – into the mainstream media. We need to be seen in the public eye as being just like everybody else. At present we are being defined by the likes of Fox News, and like it or not, their definitions are the ones that stick in the public mind because there is no other narrative to counter it.

  6. The false story is bothersome but to many it is more bothersome to be told that a boy will be able to freely use an area that they expected their daughters would normally find a degree of security and privacy but now will be invaded by a cross-dresser/transgender.

  7. The Daily Mail story has been removed, but there’s no apology or explicit retraction, it’s more like they’re trying to hide their shoddy journalism

  8. “For another thing, when we continually raise the red alert over every ridiculous thing a radfem troll says or does on the Internet, it just makes it harder to draw attention to the really important stuff, like the situation Jane Doe is facing in Colorado.”

  9. To think someone would get dressed and go to school and use the girls bathroom just to spy on them while getting harassed and beaten up and ridiculed is just moronic. When are people going to use half a brain and see how stupid that thinking is??

    • There’s the problem. They don’t even have half a brain to see their own stupidity. They just love to make noise and peck at others like a flock of geese. Much like a Teabagger in government issues.


  1. Media Matters: Anti-transgender group is ‘LGBT Misinformer Of The Year’ | THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT by Lexie Cannes

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