Trans role models Marci Bowers, Katie Sprinkle profiled in the media

tldffTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — “It’s dressed as a woman but all its IDs are male” said the cashier out loud to the store manager as a trans woman stood in line to make a purchase at a store. Attorney Katie Sprinkle told of this experience in a Dallas Voice profile of her.

With first hand experience being transgender, Sprinkle is acutely keyed in to the legal needs of trans people. Following completion of her transition two years ago, she left her job as a public defender and opened her own private practice in Dallas, Texas.

Earlier this month Sprinkle began to hold a monthly free legal clinic once at the Resource Center in Dallas to try to assist trans people without funds to care for their trans-specific legal needs.


Voted one of America’s Best Doctors, (and somewhat of an icon in the trans community,) Marci Bowers is not only a trans woman, but a surgeon who specializes in sex reassignment surgery.

In the Take Part profile, Bowers talks of her own journey, the plight of many trans people and she reveals that even icons need to take steps to be safe: “You have to watch your own back. Avoiding being bullied can be difficult. I call it ‘walking on lily pads.’ It’s a bit of a dance to come out safely.”

Bowers’ clinic is in San Mateo, California.


Katie Sprinkle:

Marcie Bowers:



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4 replies

  1. It’s so depressing to read about comments highlighted above: the cashier made a conscious decision to out her, when instead she could have called her manager over, if confirmation of ID were needed. It’s not much consolation but a cashier like that probably broadcasts everything about everyone given the chance, because she has a heart full of resentment and bitterness.
    I recently had a bank cashier broadcast the size of my over-draught to everyone within earshot. Bitch.

    • It’s unfortunate but there are too many people who feel it’s not only their right, but their duty to draw attention to anyone they perceive as being different, and to publicly shame them for being so. As an aside; I’ve worked in banks for 30 years, and broadcasting a customer’s financial info is a BIG no no. I hope you complained, and that teller was at the very least reprimanded.

  2. I hope Katie at least filed a complaint if not sued that bitch!

  3. Thanks for the comments. Katie did contact the store. 🙂

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