(UPDATE — Killer gets life in prison) UK trans woman stabbed to death

Chrissie AzzopardiTHE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — (Update — See below) The alleged murderer of London trans woman Chrissie Azzopardi is currently on trial for the crime that occurred last April. April, 2012 (Note: an earlier report gave the wrong year.)

Prosecutors say Romy Maynard knew the victim and stabbed her at home in her bed. Maynard lived on the same street as the victim and phone records show they had been in contact just prior to the killing. Maynard says he is not the killer.

The victim’s body lay undiscovered for over a month until neighbors noticed an odor and contacted authorities. The trial continues this week.

UPDATE Oct. 18, 2013 — Killer gets life in prison. From PinkNews:

A man charged with stabbing a transgender woman to death in her north London bedroom has been found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment at the Old Bailey.

Romy Maynard, 28, stabbed Chrissie Azzopardi multiple times at her flat in Crescent Way, Finsbury Park, north London, in April last year.

The 22-year-old, who was due to undergo gender confirmation surgery later that year, was found lying on her bed with fatal stab wounds after neighbours noticed a bad smell coming from her flat in June 2012.


Chrissie Azzopardi


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